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    January 07 2016

    Planoly for brands & businesses

    Let's be real. As a mom, wife, business owner, shop owner, jewelry designer, graphic designer, content creator & CCO of @planoly (#igot6jobs), I really don't have time for nonsense and BS. The answer to the hated word "balance" is staying organized and planning. People hate to plan, but it saves your sanity. Believe me. This is where @planoly comes in and makes my life easier. When I don't have time to create content for Brandy Pham Jewelry.

    I post FILLERS that are planned on my @planoly account (captions all drafted out and saved ahead of time and ready to schedule or post at a minute's notice). On a daily basis, whenever I see someone wearing our jewelry, I screen shot their image, crop and edit and upload it to @planoly to use as FILLERS.

    Do you have a brand or business and your customers tag you on social media? To make the process streamlined, just screen shot those images whenever you see them. Take 5-10 mins at the end of the day or week to just sit down to crop and edit those images all at once. You can easily collect about 1-10 images every week to add into your @planoly account to use as fillers whenever you need them.

    My favorite APP to crop, edit and add borders on the iPhone is Afterlight. Now that our iPhones automatically have a "screenshot" folder, it makes it easier to find all the screenshot images in one place! Let me know if this was helpful and fill free to tweet us! More ideas on streamlining your content and fillers coming soon!

    More on FILLER ideas here too: Sundays Web |


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