Extending Your Content Strategy

    January 31 2018

    At PLANOLY, we pride ourselves on being both an industry-leading app and professional resource for creators, marketers, and businesses of all sizes to create compelling content and strategies. That's why we're particularly excited about the launch of our Share Extension feature which enables our users to directly upload their images to PLANOLY straight from photo editing apps. With this in mind, today's article will highlight a few of these apps and explain why we believe you should incorporate them into your creative content strategy.

    A Creative Suite

    With our community-first mission, it's been important for us to align ourselves with other like- minded companies who value social media content. We also understand that our users have to physically create their content before utilizing PLANOLY's features to pre-plan, schedule, and strategize. Knowing this, we're excited to share a few tried-and-true apps that our team loves that you can share to your PLANOLY account directly.

    "We pride ourselves on being both an industry-leading app and professional resource for creators, marketers, and businesses."
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    Apps to Include

    VSCO - VSCO is perhaps one of the most popular apps within the current editing landscape. We love its twofold mission of being a multifaceted photo editing app while also being a community-driven platform that allows users to share their images on their own "journal" page. From an editing perspective, we highly recommend VSCO for its large variety of filters and technical editing tools like adjusting temperature, skin tone, and perspective/skew. Did we mention that many of these features can also be applied to video content too? And finally, one of our favorite aspects of the app is that it allows you to save presets - so once you've found your perfect filter and editing combination you can apply it to any of your visuals! Snapseed - Snapseed follows shortly after applying our VSCO filters. We love the app for its technical editing abilities - primarily the "Selective" tool which allows users to carefully adjust Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Structure levels to an exact degree of precision. Like VSCO, the app also provides fun filter options and effects (like Double Exposure, Lens Blur, etc.) which provide even more options to enhance your photos. HUJI CAM - If you're nostalgic at heart or you're simply looking for a tool to set your photos apart, look no further than HUJI Cam. HUJI mimics the look, feel, (and even the function) of a disposable camera which results in authentically raw captures straight from your phone. Once each photo is done loading (or as the app says "developing") you can save each image in your lab, and of course, upload it straight into PLANOLY! Despite having an old-school aesthetic, we love that the app still provides modern necessities (including a self-timer and other pre-capture settings) that allow you to truly personalize your photos.


    Now that we've outlined a few key apps that we recommend using, be sure to revisit our initial blog post on the Share Extension feature. We're also all ears when it comes to apps you would like for us to include in this feature! Send us a note or leave us a comment on Instagram - we can't wait to hear your feedback!


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