Introducing PLANOLY’s sellit: Simplifying the Digital Storefront

    July 14 2020

    Introducing PLANOLY’s sellit: Simplifying the Digital Storefront

    July 14 2020  |  sellit , Entrepreneurs

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    Turn your followers into customers with the help of sellit, PLANOLY’s new digital storefront for all users! And before you ask, “What’s a digital storefront?” Let us explain. Because not too long ago, we were asking ourselves the same question. 

    Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Shopping online can be a challenging experience, maybe just as frustrating as shopping in-person. It’s especially disappointing when you get redirected from one site to another only to find out that the trendy jacket you saw on social media is, in fact, sold out! Our solution is a digital storefront that reduces the steps it takes your followers to buy your products or services. sellit is a digital storefront in the form of an easy-to-create link that can live across all your social media profiles! 

    At PLANOLY, we know how important your business is to you – our goal is to simplify how you market and sell your products and services. With sellit, you no longer have to worry about graphic design, hosting fees, or website costs. It’s an easy to manage digital storefront, so all you have to focus on is growing and building your business. Sounds simple? We think so, but let’s get into more details. 

    Introducing PLANOLY’s sellit

    With the simplicity of a single click, you can sell anything to anyone - without the need for a website! sellit will not only direct your followers to the content you’re creating but use that content to create your own personalized and curated social storefront—making it the quickest way to convert engaged followers into active buyers.

    So, What is sellit?

    With sellit, anyone can build a social storefront and open for business without the hassle of designing or building a website. Think of sellit as a travel-sized website that you can use on its own or complement your current website. 

    sellit makes the most of your link in bio, transforming a single link into a digital storefront

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    How Does it Work?

    sellit takes the form as a link that can be placed anywhere, like your social media bio. Clicking the link will bring customers to your social storefront, where they will be able to browse products and checkout. In addition to easily showcasing a custom gallery of your top products, sellit makes your Instagram shoppable – allowing you to create a custom GRID Gallery and tag up to ten products on each past or future post!

    Note: If you already use PLANOLY, you will see linkit when you log onto your desktop. linkit is a free feature available to all PLANOLY users. Compared to sellit, linkit is a limited version that includes adding buttons and tagging URLs onto your Instagram posts. For access to sellit and it's full eCommerce features, you’ll have to upgrade. 

    Why Use sellit?

    1. For the first time, you can take your audience from view to buy, with no extra steps!
    2. sellit makes eCommerce effortless! All it takes is a couple of photos of your products and services, with no reliance on a designer or developer. There are no barriers to set up, you’ll have your storefront up in less than an hour
    3. Sell anything to anyone. Your sellit link is ideal for all your social media accounts, beyond Instagram! 
    4. Our clean yet custom design places the focus on your content and products. While this is a no-frills solution, sellit is still beautifully designed with the consumer in mind.

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