Dynamic Workflow with PLANOLY + VSCO

    January 22 2018

    A super simple and reasonable goal for 2018 is to plan a little bit more and streamline whatever I can in my business. So, I use PLANOLY + VSCO to do just that! This dynamic duo has helped me immensely to plan out my social media content on Instagram. I have seen an overall increase in my productivity using these apps to help me "outsource" a task as a one-woman-business owner.

    Here's how I do it:

    1. Take photos of my studio and artwork + some fun shots of real life and NYC living for my social media at least 2x a month.
    2. Edit those photos using my favorite photo editing app - VSCO (read more about VSCO app here).
    3. Sit down for a "mega scheduling" session with PLANOLY each week and place my content, captions and hashtags into the handy calendar.
    4. Pour myself a big cup of coffee and do a little happy dance because I just saved myself HOURS AND HOURS of time each month.

    "Planoly and VSCO have helped me immensely to plan out my social media content on Instagram." Tweet this.

    A couple of photo editing techniques from an artist with an iPhone:

    1. Schedule a "photo shoot" each week or biweekly on a bright, sunny day. Natural light makes a HUGE difference. Shoot near a window and make a note of the best time of day for the lighting in your space.
    2. Turn off the lights. Non-natural light casts a very yellow tone and can be more difficult to edit later.
    3. Shoot photos against a white wall or use cardboard or foam board to create a white "studio" for your products.
    4. Don't obsess about the details, you can edit them out or just embrace the imperfection and share your real story instead of the SUPER retouched one.
    5. Include real life. Even if you want your feed to look "perfect". There will be photos that are not 100% in line with your brand identity, but that tell amazing stories or are hilariously funny, INCLUDE them! I just recently posted a photo of a photo of me in 1989 with the messiest hair and the most ridiculous sweatshirt on and it's just too good to not include.

    VSCO Tips:

    1. Bump up the exposure to make white tones look whiter and brighter.
    2. Add a tiny bit of contrast to add bright black shades and increase bold colors.
    3. Turn down the temperature to edit out a yellowish glow and make your photos look crisper.
    4. Save your presets so that you can do steps 1-3 more easily in the future.
    5. Use filters, but you don't have to use them at 100%. You can select a percentage that might look more natural in the app.

    About our Guest Contributor

    Megan is an abstract painter living and working in Brooklyn NY. She is obsessed with travel and adventure, paints almost every day, does happy dances as much as humanly possible and is a mom to a little budding CEO in her "spare time". Megan believes that streamlining, being kind and helping others are what makes the world go round. Her newest series of works on paper launches January 15 and in February, she will be launching a new product in her shop, so keep your eyes locked to www.artbymegan.com online and to her behind-the-scenes process and fun on social media at @artbymegan on Instagram.


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