Downloadable Instagram and PLANOLY Checklist

    March 15 2022

    Sometimes you just need to check yourself, you know? We are big fans of checklists – there's something about crossing things off of a list that just feels good. Checklists help you stay organized, feel accomplished, and get things done more efficiently. We created a special Instagram and PLANOLY checklist that you can use to ensure that you're making the most of both platforms. Read on to learn more about how to download the checklists and start using them for your planning purposes!

    PLANOLY Scheduling Checklist

    We aim to be forward-thinking and have an app that helps our users to plan ahead as easily and efficiently as possible. Our features have continued to grow, and new users might not be aware of all that PLANOLY has to offer! It can be hard to keep up, so we created a PLANOLY checklist to help you make sure that you're utilizing all of our amazing tools and features. Whether you're visually planning out your grid with drag and drop, using placeholders to schedule in advance, using our Instagram Reels planner, or planning Instagram Stories with our Stories Manager...this checklist will help you make sure you're getting the most out of each week of planning! 

    Instagram Planning Checklist

    Instagram is a beast that only continues to grow, change, and evolve with time. Whether you're a business owner, busy content creator, or new to the digital marketing scene – our Instagram checklist will help you remember all of the important aspects that go into posting new content. It's easy to go into autopilot when it comes to using Instagram, so it's good to take your time and utilize a checklist to make sure you're covering all of the bases. We made the list for you, so all you have to do is check it off!

    Download and Print the Instagram and PLANOLY Checklists

    When you're ready to start using the Instagram and PLANOLY checklists, you can download them to reference on your desktop or print them out! If you're the kind of person that likes to put pen to paper, this checklist is perfect to print out for each week of content planning. Ready to get situated? Download the checklists!



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