Top 5 Design Trends to Look for in 2020

    December 16 2019

    While most marketers focus on refreshing their social media strategy, we're here to catch you up on what you'll see both online and in real life. Here are the design trends we expect to see in all aspects of life in 2020.

    1. Pastels and Earth-Tones

    This past year, we saw bold colors and futuristic graphics – like the graphics Instagram created for their Creators account. In 2020, we anticipate graphics will go in a different direction by leaning more towards muted color schemes (think of pastels or subdued earth-tone hues). While pastels and muted colors might have already made their way to our screens this year, we predict they'll be paired with deeper-toned colors in the coming year.Brands like Paintbox Nails, Saie are great examples of brands pairing muted pastel hues with deeper-toned hues. We look forward to the warmth year-round with these color design trends.

    2. Retro Illustrations & Lettering

    Branded illustrations have been having a bit of a moment. It seems like nearly every socially active brand or company is hiring illustrators to come up with custom designs. While these illustrations are here to stay, we foresee vintage-style illustrations playing a more significant role in 2020. Even Letterwest's logo for its 2020 event is a hand-lettered design, taking us back to an era before hand-held devices. Another great example is the graphic Sam Larson created for Small Business Saturday. While the design itself is modern, you're left feeling nostalgic over your elementary days.If you're working on revamping your Instagram Story design, the templates on the PLANOLY StoriesEdit app make it easy with trendy color palettes and lettering. Here's more on how to design engaging IG Stories using the StoriesEdit app.

    3. Animations!

    Stop-motions, GIFs, and illustrated animations will continue to dominate throughout 2020. Beyond Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest have reshaped how animations are used to help a brand stand out. Brands like Nuuly and Paintbox are ahead of the curve with the interactive animations they've shared on their Instagram. With animations, both brands were able to add a layer of playfulness to their products and reach a bigger audience.

    4. Abstract Shapes & Patterns

    You've probably seen this design trend appear in graphics all over social media already. Still, we have a feeling abstract patterns and shapes aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Prepare for everyone to layer in geometric shapes and patterns onto their graphic, web, or print design. These asymmetrical shapes feel like something that crawled out of a Matisse painting – we love how they evoke a brand's personality. Whether its artwork or augmented story filters, we're excited to see how designers get funky with shapes in 2020.

    5. Serif Fonts

    Move over sans, there's a new serif in town. We predict that new and up-and-coming brands and companies will be utilizing serif fonts over sans-serif fonts. Start-ups like Milkshake and Great Jones have bet big on serif fonts to stand out among the crowd. While we're not going to say that the days of san-serif fonts like Futura are behind us (who doesn't love Futura?), we predict that serif fonts will be a popular choice for packaging, social media marketing, and more.

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