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    February 25 2020

    Creating engaging and thoughtful Stories is as essential as what goes into your main feed. With our StoriesEdit app, you'll discover it's easy to design better Stories to share across Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, or Pinterest covers. Our latest update to the StoriesEdit app adds even more to your arsenal of tools to take your social marketing strategy to the next level. We're excited to announce Drafts and Favorites on StoriesEdit, updates to the app that allows you to design and save custom templates for your brand or business straight from your mobile device.

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    Use StoriesEdit Drafts folders to save your design in progress, and use Favorites to save frequently used templates. The StoriesEdit app empowers business owners, creators, social media managers, and influencers to design beautiful and branded Stories – all on their own!


    • Go to theStoriesEdit mobile app on your phone as you normally would.
    • You'll see two new sections at the top of your screen: FAVORITES & DRAFT
    • Tap on FAVORITES - your Favorites screen is currently empty, but all favorited templates will live within this section of your app.
    • Tap on DRAFTS - your Drafts screen is currently empty, and all of your StoriesEdit drafts will live within this section of your app.

    Adding Favorites is easy as store-bought pie.


    • Go to the main FEATURED tab.
    • Scroll down to COLLECTIONS.
    • Tap into any template collection that you frequently use.
    • To save a template onto your FAVORITES, simply tap and hold a template and it will automatically be saved to your favorites.
    • You'll know it's been saved when you see a message pop-up with "Added to Favorites!"
    • Follow this process to delete favorited templates too! To delete a template from your FAVORITES tab, simply tap and hold that template and it will be deleted.

    Planoly-Blog-Post-SE-Drafts-and-Favorites-Image-1--2With Drafts, you can save your work, refresh it with more spices and meat, and publish once ready.Your Drafts section is organized by folders. Each folder within Drafts can be named based on the content type or category. For example, if you're working on creating a template to share upcoming events through Stories, you can name the Drafts folder "Events."

    How to Save to a Drafts Folder

    • Go to your StoriesEdit home screen under the FEATURED tab.
    • Choose a template collection that you want to work on.
    • Select a template you'd like to use.
    • Upload your content with the (+) icon.
    • Tap on the floppy disk icon on the top right (to the left of the up arrow) to access your Drafts.
    • Once here, you'll have the option to Create A New Folder.
    • Name Your Folder. Have fun and get creative! Start by adding different content categories for each Drafts folder to make it easier when navigating between the Stories content in progress.
    • Tap on Create Folder And Save to save that folder into your Drafts.
    • You'll then see the following pop-up message: Successfully saved to [YOUR BOARD NAME].

    You can also add a new Draft template to the existing folder. Keep in mind that each Drafts folder will only hold 10 templates. You will have to create a new Drafts folder in order to make room for additional template drafts. The covers for your Drafts folders are auto-generated from the first template you create.

    How to Add New Templates to Your Drafts Folder

    1. Select your collection and template.
    2. Tap on the floppy disk icon to access your Drafts.
    3. Tap into your newly created Drafts folder.
    4. And select SAVE TO FOLDER at the bottom of your screen.

    Note: If you want to add another template to your Drafts, and you have more than one Drafts folder created, you will be prompted to PICK A FOLDER from your group of created folders anytime that you tap on the floppy disk icon. You will also have the option to create new folders at the bottom of the screen by tapping on CREATE A NEW FOLDER. You can also view all created folders under Drafts on the main StoriesEdit screen.Once you've created your folder they will live in the Drafts section on StoriesEdit. Planoly-Blog-Post-SE-Drafts-and-Favorites-Image-4--2

    Deleting a Drafts Folder

    If you no longer want template drafts to live within a certain folder or if you're completely done with a Drafts folder altogether, you can easily delete it. Here's how:

    1. Go into your Drafts tab on StoriesEdit.
    2. Tap and hold on that folder to delete it.
    3. Tap on the (x) on the top right-hand corner.
    4. A window will pop-up asking you if you're sure you want to delete this folder.
    5. Tap on DELETE to remove it.

    To save even more time, you can use the PLANOLY mobile app to schedule your posts or design better Stories. It couldn't be easier to streamline your social media marketing process. Learn more: PLANOLY'S New Look & Instagram Stories Planner or Making Stories Planning Even Easier with PLANOLY and StoriesEdit.

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