Defining Beauty with Marianna Hewitt

    June 30 2017

    When it comes to beauty influencers, Marianna Hewitt is at the top of our list. Her blog, 'Life with Me,' was built based on her personal style and beauty habits and has since gained a universal following. With an impressive array of content and impeccable style - what's not to love? Marianna stands out because she stays true to who she is. She also loves what she does and it shows through her incredible content. Read on to discover why Marianna Hewitt is a top influencer that followers can both relate and aspire to.

    Hi, Marianna! Please introduce yourself.

    I always wanted to be a TV Host when I grew up and had a passion for sharing things with an audience, so I went to school for broadcast journalism and worked in entertainment news and fashion and beauty news before starting a blog. I thought that was the only way to reach a lot of people but thanks to the internet, I started my own channel to share the things I loved with a new audience.
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    Building your own brand from the ground up is quite a task. What do you think has made your blog/brand as successful as it is?

    I genuinely love to create content. I get so many emails from girls saying that they want to start a blog, but they don't like taking pictures or writing. A majority of my time is spent on a computer, so I think you have to love everything about being a blogger – not just the fun part you see on Instagram.

    "You have to love everything about being a blogger
    – not just the fun part you see on Instagram."

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    Your blog and YouTube channel cover so many topics from beauty, travel, style and more. How do you come up with ideas for new content to create and share?

    I crowd source my topics! I am always asking my viewers, readers, and followers about what they want to see and when I see lots of comments on the same topic I pick those because ultimately I want to create content that my viewers want to see.

    How has your blog and business evolved since you first started? What is your biggest lesson thus far? Proudest career moment?

    I had no idea what I was doing when I started. Since I began, my photography and quality of content have evolved a lot. I found my voice and my brand identity after trying to figure out who I was in the space. My biggest lesson has been not to be afraid to fail, create content and just see what sticks. You never know what your audience might like until you try it. My proudest career highlights have been being photographed with my Mom for Allure magazine, coming out with a clothing collab that was worn by Jennifer Lopez and Gigi Hadid and getting to be my own boss and influence my readers around the world in a positive way.

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    Your Instagram Grid and Stories is flawless! How would you describe your 'gram aesthetic? What are your top tips to maintain a consistent Instagram Grid and for executing Stories?

    My aesthetic is clean and blush without being overly perfect. It still feels real although it is very curated. I mix in blog shoots with real-time content. My three top tips would be:

    1. Stick to a style guide of how your images should look and keep images within your guidelines – whatever doesn't fit, put it on stories or refrain from posting.
    2. Plan out your feed so you can see how it will look.
    3. Store photos in your phone photo albums and use when you have nothing to post but need a picture!

    For Instagram stories, I don't have a lot of tips except, don't over-edit them. People don't want to see curated stories, just make it interesting and don't post more than 7-10 a day.

    We love your style. What are some of your favorite pieces in your closet at the moment and how would you describe your overall style?

    My overall style is California comfort with feminine touches. I love to be comfortable no matter if I'm in a dress or jeans, so there is always a sense of ease to my looks. I tend to dress for my body type and not for trends, and I invest in quality pieces I can wear forever. And you will almost never see me in colors outside of tans and blushes. My favorite pieces in my closet at the moment are Zimmermann dresses and anything from Reformation.

    You are a beauty guru, and so many people seek out your blog for the best beauty tips. What are your go-to beauty products at the moment?

    Kopari lip love, a beauty blender, and Armani luminous silk foundation.

    What advice do you have for aspiring women entrepreneurs and bloggers in particular?

    Someone has to do it, so why not you? The hardest step is just to begin something, so just start!


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