Creating the Perfect Wish Lists & Gift Guides for the Holiday Season

    November 09 2018

    Hi Everyone! Adriana here! Today, we're going to talk about holiday strategy and planning with the use of including wish lists and gift guides into your content. The holidays are the perfect time to begin brainstorming ways in which to engage your audience further. One of my favorite ways in doing so is through the use of sharing curated Wish Lists & Gift Guides throughout the Holiday Season. Your readers are not only on the lookout for outfit ideas and seasonal recipes but are also in desperate need of gift ideas for friends and family! They're looking to you as a resource for all things Holiday, so wish lists and gift guides serve as a great + natural addition to your content. There are a few things that differentiate a wish list from a gift guide, and I'm sharing them with you below! A wish list is something shared when you're choosing items that you'd "potentially" purchase. In other words, items that other people can work off of when shopping for you! Depending on your personality, career, and specific taste these wish lists can vary. For example - you can create wish lists for items that the "glam girl" would like, items that the "techy" would love, items that you could take home "for the family," and so on...

    "A wish list is something shared when you're choosing items that you'd
    'potentially' purchase."

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    Gift Guides fall into a different category (also similar) and tend to be a little bit more curated. These are guides that you can create for your readers to "go by" when shopping for gifts, and items for loved ones during the holidays. You can create different sets of guides to share throughout each week leading up to Christmas too! This will allow your readers to gather as many ideas as possible and will place you as a go-to and valuable resource for them during the holidays. Wish lists and gift guides also allow you to maximize on the amount of revenue that you're bringing in through the use of affiliate links.

    When I'm strategizing for both wish lists and gift guides, I like to break them down into a few different categories. For example:

    • Gift Guide For Mom
    • Gift Guide For Dad
    • Gift Guide For Co-Workers
    • Gift Guide For Sister
    • Gift Guide For Brother
    • Gift Guide For Your Love

    You can also create fun subcategory gift guides similar to the below:

    • The Adventurer's Wish List
    • The Glam Gal's Wish List
    • Gifts For The Chef
    • Gifts For The Homebody
    • Gifts For The Hostess
    • Gifts For The Creative
    • Gifts For The Traveler
    • Gifts For The Bookworm
    • Gifts For The Techy
    • Gifts For The Athlete

    Take one more step in breaking your guides down by including price:

    • Gifts Under $100
    • Gifts Under $50
    • Gifts Under $25
    • Stocking Stuffers

    All of the above are examples of wish lists and gift guides that you can create for your followers this holiday season. This will help you guide them in the gift giving process, and in turn, ease their concerns about finding the perfect gift for each of their loved ones. People LOVE gift guides, so incorporating this into your holiday content is key when remaining relevant and consistent with your readership.

    Need-To-Knows When Creating Your Gift Guides:

    You can easily create shoppable wish lists and gift guides for your blog as well as social with the use of tools like Photoshop and (my personal favorite) Canva. This will help you to form beautifully curated guides that you can share and promote with your followers throughout the weeks leading up to Christmas! Trust me; your readers will THANK YOU for all of this extra content & great gift ideas. (P.S. - don't forget always to include affiliate links within your gift guides so that you can collect income for any shopped items that your readers select.) *PLANOLY Pro Tip: All of that hard work needs to be shared! Promote your gift guides on social so that your readers can see all of the extra content you've created and are sharing with them this holiday season.


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