How Brands Can Leverage New Create Mode Features for Instagram Stories

    February 06 2020

    Since launching Create mode features in Stories this past April, Instagram has seen expansive growth.With over 500 million active daily users, Instagram is strategically adding more tools to Stories with high frequency. So, new and upcoming additions to Create mode doesn't necessarily come as a shocker.Initially conceived to allow Instagram users to share Stories that don't necessarily feature a photo or a video, Create mode quickly gained popularity with its playful and intuitive polls, "on this day" throwbacks, and GIFs.Instagram this week has bolstered Create mode with a brand-friendly "@" mentions resharing function. Here, brands and creatives will have the ability to reshare Stories where they've been mentioned or tagged.It's also been reported that in the weeks ahead, Instagram will debut a comments sticker and GIF replies through Stories. Today we're discussing how brands and creatives should take advantage of these new and soon-to-release Create mode features.

    Why You Should Reshare Your Mentions Through Create Mode in Stories

    Share Testimonials. When customers mention you, singing your praises, this is the feature you want to use. You can do a couple of things here. For starters, you can make sure that your followers feel appreciated and acknowledged. Second, this is an easy way to build brand awareness and trust by showing that people love your product.Spotlight influencer Campaigns/Partnerships.Focus on this very authentic way to shine a light on influencer campaigns. If you're working with a brand partner and they mention you in their Stories (as they should), with this upcoming feature, you can easily reshare that content on your Stories as well. This will create more cohesiveness when you're in the midst of an influencer campaign or partnership initiative, as it allows you to share content with much greater ease.Answer Customer Questions.Engaging with your consumers and potential customers is critical to brand development. Now that you can see any "@" mentions from Instagram users, make the most of this opportunity by creating a dialogue. Answer questions, pose new ones, and crowdsource user brand experiences to manage and enhance internally.

    Why You Should Use Comments Stickers Through Create Mode for Stories

    Build Loyalty Through Stickers.Although many Create mode Stickers have been available since October, few brands and creators are using them strategically to their advantage. For instance, use the "Shoutouts" feature to celebrate brand anniversaries, company birthdays that promote your staff, and to say thanks to partners and customers that rave about your brand. What customer wouldn't be loyal for life if their favorite brand shouts them out for making a purchase or attending an event? It's time to get away from the idea that businesses are too big to say thanks or show appreciation to the people that made them who they are.Get Personal.Are you asking the right questions? Are you asking any questions? How are you in tune with what your customers want? Humanizing your brand is the key here. The polling and quiz features should act as connectors; they can bring you closer to the people that support you or those who want to support you. Engage them, ask them questions, pose ideas/problems, thus, allowing them to help you solve them.Build Anticipation. Many Instagram users utilize the "Countdown" sticker playfully. They countdown the hours until the weekend or the days until their next vacation. You should be using this feature to countdown to the dates until your spring/summer 2020 collection releases – or when your new spring menu is available, or your next Instagram giveaway. Get creative and make this feature work for your following.

    How to Playfully Implement GIF Replies Through Create Mode in Stories

    Among the new features expected to go live in February are GIF replies through Stories.Users will have the ability to reply to someone's story with a GIF. This feature will highlight the same GIPHY library used in your Direct Messages keyboard.While this feature doesn't have a ton of optimal functionality, it does go back to something we mentioned earlier: humanizing your brand. Let your followers know there's a human behind that account with a sense of humor and is fully engaged with what's happening in the social sphere.GIF replies through Stories can be funny, engaging, thoughtful, or just plain silly. Instagram is supposed to be fun, remember?Start strategizing the best ways to leverage the latest Create mode features for Instagram Stories today. With the help of our PLANOLY and StoriesEdit tools, the possibilities for what you can accomplish are limitless.

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