Q1 2020 Content Calendars

    December 05 2019  |  Inspiration , Downloadables , Best Practices , Design


    When one decade ends and another begins, it somehow feels like we're all starting over. We're wiping the slate clean, and the past ten years tend to matter less than the ten years ahead. The truth is: it all matters. Your past informs your future; your wins propel you forward; your missteps serve not as losses but as research and development. There are no losses – only lessons. And the best thing you can do with these lessons is to put them into action! 2020 is your time to shine. Start by thinking about the immediate impact you can create over the next three months. Small, incremental goals tend to push the needle forward with great velocity. That said, lean on our helpful and hand-designed Q1 2020 content calendars to get yourself off to a positive start.

    January Content Calendars

    National Mentoring Month

    • Download the printable January calendar, b&w calendar, & national holidays list here.
    • Download the January mobile calendar here.

    February Content Calendars

    Black History Month

    • Download the printable February calendar, b&w calendar, & national holidays list here.
    • Download the February mobile calendar here.

    March Content Calendars

    Women's History Month

    • Download the printable March calendar, b&w calendar, & national holidays list here.
    • Download the March mobile calendar here.

    Social Media Calendars Q1

    Our social media calendars are meant to bring structure and ease to your digital planning. Perhaps the best approach to this visual aid is to write things down and subsequently check them off your to-do list. Be sure all your important dates, events, and holidays are accounted for, that way you don't forget anything or anyone. Key in on your target dates for social strategy, event preparation, and schedule those ever-important moments for rest. The first quarter of a New Year is always a sprint - so you're going to need it! Download our Q1 content calendars here.

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