Content Calendar Downloadables for Social Media 2021 Q3

    June 14 2021

    Yes, you're seeing this right: we're more than halfway through 2021! The good news is, we've got you covered with new social planning content calendars!

    As always, we’re here to make your social media marketing experience simpler by providing you with every planning and scheduling tool you could need. 

    Sit back, relax, and pretend it’s a summer Friday as we walk you through every important monthly calendar date, and don’t forget to download our Q3 content calendars and mobile backgrounds. 

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    July Calendars and Key Holidays 

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    National Ice Cream + World Watercooler Month

    • Download the printable July calendar, b&w calendar, & national holidays list here.
    • Download the July mobile calendar here.
    July Holidays 

    Weekly Observances - Eid al-Adha 7/19 - 7/23 

    July 1st

    • Canada Day
    • National Postal Worker Day
    • International Joke Day

    July 4th

    • Independence Day (USA)

    July 5th

    • National Bikini Day

    July 6th

    • National Hand Roll Day 
    • National Fried Chicken Day

    July 7th

    • World Chocolate Day

    July 10th

    • National Pina Colada Day

    July 11th

    • National Mojito Day

    July 12th

    • National Simplicity Day

    July 13th

    • National French Fry Day

    July 14th

    • Bastille Day
    • National Mac & Cheese Day
    • International Non-Binary People’s Day

    July 17th

    • World Emoji Day
    • National Tattoo Day

    July 18th

    • National Ice Cream Day

    July 21st 

    • National Hot Dog Day

    July 24th

    • National Drive-Thru Day
    • National Tequila Day
    • National Cousins Day

    July 23rd

    • Summer Olympics Start

    July 25th

    • National Wine and Cheese Day 
    • National Parents’ Day 

    July 26th

    • National Aunt and Uncle’s Day
    • Disability Independence Day 

    July 27th

    • National Crème Brûlée Day
    • National Scotch Day

    July 29th

    • International Tiger Day
    • National Lipstick Day
    • National Intern Day

    July 30th

    • International Day of Friendship
    • National Cheesecake Day

    July 31st

    • National Avocado Day

    August Calendars and Key Holidays 

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    Back to School + Breastfeeding Month

    • Download the printable August calendar, b&w calendar, & national holidays list here.
    • Download the August mobile calendar here.
    August Holidays

    August 1st

    • National Sisters Day
    • National Girlfriends Day
    • Global Forgiveness Day

    August 2nd

    • British Columbia Day
    • Civic Holiday

    August 3rd

    • National Watermelon Day

    August 4th

    • National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
    • U.S Coast Guard Birthday

    August 6th

    • International Beer Day

    August 8th

    • International Cat Day

    August 9th - 10th

    • Islamic New Year

    August 10th

    • National Spoil Your Dog Day

    August 11th

    • National Son and Daughter Day

    August 12th

    • International Youth Day
    • National Middle Child Day

    August 13th

    • Black Women’s Equal Pay Day
    • International Left Handers Day

    August 14th

    • National Finance Awareness Day

    August 15th

    • National Relaxation Day

    August 16th

    • National Tell a Joke Day
    • National Rollercoaster Day 

    August 18th

    • National Couples Day
    • National Fajita Day 

    August 20th

    • National Radio Day 

    August 21st

    • International Homeless Animals Day

    August 23rd

    • Hashtag Day

    August 24th

    • National Waffle Day

    August 25th

    • National Banana Split Day

    August 26th

    • Women's Equality Day
    • International Dog Day

    August 28th

    • National Red Wine Day

    August 30th

    • National Beach Day 

    September Calendars and Key Holidays 

    PLANOLY-Blog Post-Q3 Content Calendars-Image 3

    Hispanic Heritage + Self-Care Awareness Month 

    • Download the printable September calendar, b&w calendar, & national holidays list here.
    • Download the September mobile calendar here.

    Weekly Observances - New York Fashion Week 9/9 - 9/15

    September 4th

    • National Wildlife Day

    September 5th

    • International Day of Charity

    September 6th

    • National Read A Book Day 
    • Labor Day
    • Rosh Hashanah 9/6 - 9/8

    September 8th

    • International Literacy Day 

    September 10th

    • World Suicide Prevention Day
    • National Swap Ideas Day

    September 11th

    • Patriot Day
    • National Make Your Bed Day

    September 12th

    • National Day of Encouragement 
    • National Grandparents Day

    September 13th

    September 14th

    • National Live Creative Day 

    September 15th

    • National Online Learning Day 
    • Yom Kippur 9/15 - 9/16

    September 16th

    • Mexican Independence Day
    • National Working Parents Day

    September 17th

    • International Country Music Day

    September 18th 

    • International Equal Pay Day 

    September 19th

    • National Dance Day

    September 21st

    • International Day of Peace
    • World Gratitude Day  
    • National Chai Day

    September 22nd

    • Dear Diary Day

    September 24th

    • Native American Day 

    September 25th

    • World Dream Day
    • National Singles Day 

    September 26th

    • National BRAVEDay
      National Dumpling Day
    • International Daughters Day

    September 28th

    • National Good Neighbor Day
    • National Voter Registration Day

    September 29th

    • World Heart Day
    • National Coffee Day 

    September 30th

    • International Podcast Day 
    • National Women’s Health & Fitness Day

    PLANOLY’s Integrated Social Calendar 

    As you work through your Hot Person Summer, remember to create and post thoughtful and honest content that resonates with both your brand and followers. 

    As you begin planning your summer content strategy, we hope this helps you remember important dates in mind like Hispanic Heritage Month, Women's Equality Day, or World Suicide Prevention Day.

    PLANOLY Pro-tip: Use our Social Calendar + Notes Feature located in IG Planner to schedule for these important dates.


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