Social Media Content Calendar Downloadables for 2021 Q2

    March 10 2021

    Social Media Content Calendar Downloadables for 2021 Q2

    March 10 2021  |  Inspiration , Downloadables

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    We’re well into the new year, and dare we say, it kind of feels promising. But besides that, where did the time go?! It felt like just last week we were celebrating the New Year, and now we’re planning for April, May, and June. However, you’ve spent the first quarter of the year, whether that was catching up on time lost last year, taking care of yourself, or kicking your social strategy in high gear, we’re here to make sure your second quarter exceeds that! 

    To ensure that 2021 is better than the last, we want to equip you with every planning and scheduling tool we possibly can. And wherever the time went, we’re here to make sure you’re well equipped to plan out your social strategy and keep building on what you were doing in the first quarter. 

    Download our Q2 2021 content calendars and get back to planning all the things that get you excited, like a new dance challenge, a social media campaign raising money for a cause you really care about, or anything else that gets your audience excited!

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    April Content Calendars

    Stress Awareness Month 

    • Download the printable April calendar, b&w calendar, & national holidays list here.
    • Download the April mobile calendar here.

    April Holidays

    April 1st

    • April Fools’ Day

    April 2nd 

    April 3rd

    April 4th

    • Easter 
    • Passover (3/27 - 4/4)

    April 7th

    April 9th

    April 10th 

    • National Siblings Day

    April 11th

    • National Pet Day 

    April 12th

    • Ramadan (4/12 - 5/12)

    April 13th

    April 14th

    • National Gardening Day 

    April 15th 

    • Tax Day 
    • World Art Day

    April 17th 

    April 21st 

    • World Creativity & Innovation Day

    April 22nd 

    • Earth Day 

    April 23rd

    April 25th

    April 26th

    April 27th

    April 28th

    April 30th

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    May Content Calendars

    Mental Health Awareness Month & Photography Month

    • Download the printable May calendar, b&w calendar, & national holidays list here.
    • Download the May mobile calendar here.

    May Holidays 

    Weekly Observances: 

    May 1st

    May 2nd

    May 3rd

    May 4th

    May 5th

    • Cinco De Mayo

    May 6th

    May 7th

    May 8th

    • National Dog Mom’s Day 

    May 9th

    May 10th

    May 11th

    May 12th

    May 13th

    • World Cocktail Day

    May 15th

    • International Day of Families

    May 16th

    • National Do Something Good for Your Neighbor Day 
    • Love a Tree Day 

    May 18th

    May 21st

    May 24th

    May 25th

    • National Wine Day

    May 28th

    • National Hamburger Day

    May 30th

    • National Creativity Day 

    May 31st

    • Memorial Day
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    June Content Calendars

    LGBTQ Pride & Men’s Health Month

    • Download the printable June calendar, b&w calendar, & national holidays list here.
    • Download the June mobile calendar here.

    June Holidays

    June 1st

    June 3rd

    June 4th

    June 5th

    June 6th

    June 8th

    • Best Friends Day

    June 12th

    June 14th

    June 15th

    June 18th

    June 19th

    June 20th

    • Father’s Day
    • Summer Solstice

    June 21st

    • World Music Day
    • National Selfie Day
    • International Yoga Day

    June 22nd

    • BET Awards

    June 23rd

    June 25th

    June 27th

    June 29th

    June 30th

    • Social Media Day
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    PLANOLY’s Integrated Social Calendar

    As you continue to power through 2021 remember to prioritize what really matters to you this year. Stay authentic and empathetic to what’s happening and how you’re feeling. 

    Here at PLANOLY, we’re all about your well-being and ensuring that you’re equipped to take on any challenges that come your way. And one of our primary goals is to simplify your social media marketing and grow your brand. We want to make things easier for you through our products and resources so you can spend less time posting and more time creating! 

    As you make your way through the months, stay aware of every important date like April Fools’ Day— just kidding or are we? LGBTQ Pride month and Memorial Day. Plan your content around those important dates with our integrated Social Calendar + Notes Feature. 

    Good luck this spring! We’re here if you need us!

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