Color Trends: How Brands Embraced Pistachio

    January 23 2020

    Color Trends: How Brands Embraced Pistachio

    January 23 2020  |  Inspiration , Marketing , Design


    Color is an essential facet to every field, especially when it comes to creating your product or marketing materials. Every few years, companies will refresh their branding to introduce new shades or revitalize their existing palette. Pistachio has been discreetly making its mark in fashion, social media, and product branding.

    Pistachio à la mode

    Recently, we've noticed a surge in pale green pistachio both in timeless and trendy brands. Different shades of pistachio flowed across the runway during Fall 2019 fashion week shows. From eye-popping Instagram feeds to glamourous luxury coats, we gazed upon an endless sea of green. By our calculations, this "It" color is here to stay through much of Spring 2020. While it might feel a bit odd to embrace an almost pastel shade of green for last year's fall collections, it's popularity shouldn't come as a surprise. Designers have frequently favored pistachio in the past few years.Back in 2016, Glossier expanded its Balm Dotcom to include mint. While the shade of green utilized within their mint balm dotcom's packaging isn't the perfect match for pistachio, they seem to have set off quite the trend. Since then, companies like Versed Skincare wholly embraced pistachio during their launch in 2019. Pale green shades were beautifully featured in branding, marketing materials, and packaging.Planoly-Blog-Post-Color-Trends-Pistachio-Image-3-2Recently, we've noticed the self-care companies and brands like Chillhouse and Girls' Night In, Patchology utilizing a shade of pistachio. Similar shades of green can be seen in retail and skincare, like Tuft & Needle, Glow Recipe, and Drunk Elephant. This color feels modern yet comforting at the same time. With nostalgia and wellness dominating the cultural zeitgeist of 2020, pistachio is the perfect color to evoke calmness, optimism, and lightness.

    Green, Light Green, and Lighter Green

    We've included some handy hex codes for shades of pistachio just in case you're interested in incorporating this color into your content. Download our StoriesEdit app to assist you in the creation of your social media content. Use the hex codes below to customize any of the templates in our StoriesEdit app to give your Stories or Pins a touch of pistachio.

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