Lilac is Your Spring 2020 Color Trend to Watch

    March 30 2020

    While millennial pink might still lingering around all social media, lilac has started to vie for the social media color trend crown.This pastel, cool-toned shade of pale purple seems to be a popular color choice for a variety of industries, brands, marketing graphics, and more. We're so excited to introduce our new series Color Trends, where we dive deep into a popular color.In 2018 Pantone named Ultra Violet as its color of the year, paving the way for the lilac color trend.Over the past year, we've noticed a variety of new and existing companies incorporate lilac into its branding. For example, Florence by Mills – the makeup and skincare line by actress Milly Bobby Brown – launched this year leaning heavily into a dreamy lilac aesthetic. From their social media branding to their packaging, Florence by Mills put the color lilac center stage.Other companies incorporating this shade into their branding or marketing content are Nuuly, Paintbox, Versed and Paloma Wool. One thing that ties all of these companies together is that they're all brands that are currently catching and holding the attention of not only Millennials but also Generation Z. Lilac feels fresh, youthful, yet sophisticated, which is why we wouldn't be surprised if it becomes the new Millennial Pink for Generation Z. According to Pinterest, "Amongst Generation Z, interest in aesthetics has been rising significantly since January 2017."To play with Lilac in your own branding, you can use the StoriesEdit mobile app to help you easily create stunning content to share on your Instagram Stories, highlight covers, or even on Pinterest in just a few steps. You can customize most templates with your own hex codes and imagery. Use the hex codes below to customize and incorporate lilac into any of the templates in our StoriesEdit app to give your Stories or Pins a touch of lilac.PLANOLY-SE-Drafts-and-Favorites-Blog-Post-Ad-CTA-Image-4-2


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