How ClassPass Grew It's Social Media Following Without a Product

    January 15 2020

    Through their flat-rate monthly subscription service, ClassPass provides access to a slew of workout classes, including yoga, strength training, barre, martial arts, pilates, boxing, and indoor cycling. And Amanda DiAntonio, head of social and content for ClassPass, is always looking for innovative avenues to inspire, educate, and even provide a laugh now and then for its followers. That said, DiAntonio feels strongly compelled to make sure any and every interaction on ClassPass' social media—whether Instagram or Pinterest—is meaningful for both brands and consumers.

    Here, DiAntonio shares her strategy for optimizing ClassPass' Instagram feed and how she keeps followers engaged without a physical product.

    When it comes to Instagram and Pinterest, what is most important to ClassPass?

    For us, the most important thing is to inspire and provide value to our followers. We want to showcase the many amazing experiences they can have through ClassPass and share content that is relatable to their everyday life — the constant struggle of balancing self-care with all of the other things on our plates.

    How has PLANOLY been an asset to ClassPass?

    PLANOLY allows us to optimize the aesthetic of our feed seamlessly. We follow a color-coordinated grid, and without PLANOLY, this would be much more time-consuming. The grid is really about pops of color to represent the energy and excitement of working out while also creating a balance between light and dark since our studio partners range from light and airy yoga studios to dark boxing gyms illuminated by neon lights. The scheduling feature also frees up my team's time to focus on other tasks without having to worry about posting content on Instagram in real-time.Planoly-Blog-Post-ClassPass-Image-2-2

    What is the biggest learning from PLANOLY? How has that impacted ClassPass' Instagram?

    The biggest learning from PLANOLY has been the importance of the overall aesthetic. Of course, we think of this with every post, but when you take a step back and look at the feed, it paints a larger picture that PLANOLY has made more natural to see.

    What are your best social photography or editing tips for beauty bloggers using their phones?

    While we have an amazing in-house creative team, there are times where we need to create some real-time content and turn to Canva, a graphic design software tool that simplifies the process. We can incorporate our brand colors and fonts into the program, which makes it a great editing tool to have on the go.

    Any Story tips for our users?

    Use Instagram's interactive Story features to learn about your audience. Polls, quizzes, and questions have allowed us to gain valuable insights into our community through simple and engaging content. For example, 'Do you like to work out during the day or at night?' is a simple and relevant question for followers to answer. Depending on the outcome of the poll, it gives us some insight into how we should approach content — featuring more of one or the other.

    What are the biggest challenges for ClassPass' Instagram? And Pinterest?

    I think our biggest challenge is how to keep people engaged and interested without having a physical product. Instagram and Pinterest are such wonderful platforms to showcase your product, but without being able to take a photo of something, it forces us to find creative ways to show people what ClassPass is and how you can use it. A good example is our Credit Diaries series, which follows a ClassPass user and how she uses her monthly credits.

    What is your average engagement, and how did you initially grow on Instagram?

    In terms of growth and visibility, we've seen a significant increase in our community size over the past year. We've increased engagement by over 75% from 2018 to 2019. We did this by creating more custom content and looking closely at what people responded to — everything from illustrations to videos. We also promoted our Instagram channel in the ClassPass app — it may sound simple, but the simplest things are sometimes overlooked. We had a hunch that many of our newer members may not be following us on social media, so we added content directly in the app promoting our Instagram and saw a high return in terms of follower growth.For more inspiration from creators and social media leaders, head here on the blog!

    The PLANOLY app and web platform simplifies social media marketing by allowing you to visually plan, schedule, and analyze your Instagram and Pinterest content.

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