Celebrating Small Business Saturday

    November 24 2017

    We love supporting local businesses, so in honor of Small Business Saturday, we'll be highlighting some of our favorite small businesses from a few different cities. These businesses may be small(ish), but they are thriving and giving life to the culture and quality of the communities they reside in. Local businesses add to the character and diversity of our neighborhoods and cities - we can't imagine a world without them. What are you doing to celebrate your favorite local businesses today? Read on to discover some small businesses that we love.

    "Local businesses add to the character & diversity of our neighborhoods & cities."
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    Los Angeles

    This city is full of innovators and entrepreneurs, so it's no surprise they have so many amazing local businesses. The ones we're highlighting have a clear vision for their products and business - they're small but mighty! Poketo - Husband-and-wife team with uniquely designed stationery, as well as a curated collection of housewares, apparel, and accessories. Moxi Roller Skate Shop - full-service roller skate shop for women opened by Pigeon (pro derby doll), that also offers roller skating lessons on the Long Beach shore. Eggslut - restaurant that specializes on dishes and burgers that all have eggs in them. The most popular attraction at the Grand Central Market in DTLA, with over an hour wait to order food. Otherwild - gifts and goods shop specialized for women and the LGBTQIA+ community. Well known for their "The Future is Female" tee and sweatshirt.


    The popular slogan "Keep Austin Weird" speaks volumes about the city's love for local. Ask any Austinite and they would much rather go to a local coffeeshop or restaurant rather than a chain. It's part of the culture of the city, and there are so many amazing local businesses we could have highlighted! It was hard to narrow it down, but we listed a few of our favorites below. Dolce Neve - best gelato in the ATX. They have a delicious, rotating variety of flavors, and create authentically Italian gelato. The owner received formal training in Bologna, Italy! Fronks - fresh organic nut milks; made right in Austin, TX. Delivered weekly to your door or available at select stores. Their nut milks are vegan, fresh, and filled in glass bottles. Hotel Saint Cecilia - A secluded 14 room hotel in the heart of Austin. Gorgeous decor and relaxed ambiance. Nannie Inez - funky boutique w/ a whimsical feel. Home furnishings & gifts from around the world.

    "NYC was named the best city for small businesses to thrive, because of its density & diversity."
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    New York

    NYC has been named the best city for small businesses to thrive, because of its density and diversity. However, it's also difficult for a business to make it because there is so much competition! If you're not making a superb product that people are flocking to, then it's not likely that you'll last. Check out a few small businesses that are flourishing in the city that never sleeps. Bar Pa Tea - a healthful alternative to the original bubble tea without compromising the distinct taste and experience of traditional bubble tea. Two Hands - community focused Australian restaurant in NYC, focused on nutritious eating and delicious coffee. Joinery - cozy, modern-rustic store spotlighting home goods, clothing & accessories with a vintage vibe. Heatonist - curated selection of small batch hot sauces. They're also known for their letter board at the storefront with funny quotes and slogans changing daily.
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