Case Study: How Cire’ Alexandria Grew Her Emerging Brands Through Social Media Marketing

    April 23 2020

    Case Study: How Cire’ Alexandria Grew Her Emerging Brands Through Social Media Marketing

    April 23 2020  |  Interviews , Behind the Brand


    The Story

    Cire’ Alexandria started working on jewelry in 2011 after leaving behind an interior design job. After a few years on Etsy, Alexandria opened both a brick and mortar and digital retailer, Dune Gift + Home, where she’d sell her inventive jewelry alongside aromatics, beauty products, and decor. Alexandria and her Stoughton, Wisconsin-based small business, have built a digital community of 18,000 followers.

    The Stats

    8.2K Monthly Pinterest Viewers

    7.6K Instagram Followers for Cire’ Alexandria Jewelry

    4.0K Instagram Followers for Dune Gift + Home

    Online Business Brand: Cire Alexandria 
    Retail Brand: Dune Gift and Home | Dune Pinterest
    Tagline: for the rule-breakers, free spirits, and wavemakers
    Region: Midwest America, Wisconsin
    Industry: Retail (Jewelry/Handmade/Clean Beauty)
    Platforms: Instagram and Pinterest


    The Goal


    Use different social media marketing strategies to drive online traffic and sales through virtual outreach and conveying an authentic brand.


     Fortune favors the brave. You have to get out of your comfort zone for growth. Always try new things, get better at your craft, and never be afraid to fail.” 
    – Cire’ Alexandria, Founder/CEO, Dune

    The Solution

    Alexandria began to understand the power social media marketing could have on her business when she started to see its impact on her personal life. An avid online shopper who would also seek out Pinterest for daily inspiration, she’d also leverage Instagram Stories for market research and to engage her audience. (Related Social Media Best Practice: 8 Ways to Increase Engagement With Your Audience)


    “For my jewelry line, I do a lot of polls and questions on Instagram Stories. I have my audience weigh in on the theme, colors they love, stones, size, metals, etc. Then I send the new collection to my email list to shop 24 hours in advance. That’s the majority of how I build collections, announce them, and sell out. By involving my audience in the design making phase, it makes me more creative by having to stick to the parameters they’ve given me.”


    The Dune Home + Gift Shop would also grow thanks to Alexandria’s versatile success across different social media channels substantially. By combining Pinterest mood boards that work cohesively with her Instagram store, the retail shop derives much of its online traffic from social media marketing – thanks to inviting graphics, informative blogs, and visual aids that lean into Alexandria’s unparalleled artful aesthetic. (Related Social Media Best Practice: How to Increase Your Traffic Using Pinterest)

    The versatility that drives the brand’s social media is funneled through Alexandria. She’s not just a jewelry expert, but she provides thoughtful shopping guides, provides her audience with trend alerts, and understands her brand well enough to engage in partnerships with generous merit return. Through PLANOLY, Alexandria schedules a lot of her content mentioned above. She uses her high level of engagement to inform brand next steps, her core offerings, forthcoming capsule collections, and forecast colors and themes for other upcoming work.


    The Takeaways

    As we learned from Cire’ Alexandria, while the content across your social media channels should be visually cohesive, they don’t have to be identical. Each platform is meant to be used differently to serve and inform your customers. Our top three takeaways from studying Cire’s namesake jewelry brand and retail shop are to be an expert in your industry, identify a strong and cohesive visual aesthetic, and engage with your online customers. (Related Social Media Best Practice: How to Win on Instagram and Pinterest)

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