Case Study: How Glow Recipe Uses Pinterest to Build Brand Awareness

    November 05 2019

    Compelling content and building cult fans are at the top of the list for today's leading marketers. At PLANOLY, we've made it our mission to build tools and resources to help creators, marketers, and businesses simplify social media marketing. Our Pinterest case studies dive into what it takes to build a strong community and grow through Pinterest marketing. In this Pinterest case study, we'll learn from Glow Recipe: the clean, fruit-powered skincare brand.


    Let's dive into their stats:

    Brand:Glow Recipe / Pinterest page: Glow RecipeTagline: Naturally Glowing Skin Starts Here
    Industry: Beauty, Retail
    Region: North America (New York City)
    Products Used: Educational Material
    Follower Count: 3.6k followers
    Monthly Views: 231.1k monthly views
    Number of Boards: 9 boards

    The Goal

    Inspire others through the power of their products. The purpose of their Pinterest Page is to drive brand awareness, convert through editorial content, and retain existing customers, as well as increase sales. Former L'Oreal executives and founders of Glow Recipe, Christine Chang, and Sarah Lee started the company out of a desire to bring the effect of K-Beauty to North America. Through the founders' previous industry experience and love for K-beauty (Korean beauty), Glow Recipe became an influential leader within beauty going beyond the surface when it comes to their Pinterest strategy to elevate their brand and blog presence on the platform. Glow Recipe believes that skincare should be fun! A first glance through their boards proves just that. You're lured in with whimsical and texture-first images of the product that you can almost smell through your skin. They're making waves in the beauty industry by building strong communities online that match the quality of their product – all while maintaining a voice and perspective that's fresh, fun, and inviting. They're convincing skeptics to drive into beauty for the first time.

    The Solution

    • Provide thoughtful content that educates and inspires a new customer to prioritize skincare
    • Build a community through user-generated content (UGC)
    • Focus on visuals that are glossy, warm and make the products feel lush yet approachable

    For example, their #Shelfie Pinterest board is a collection of images of beauty shelves curated from their existing community. UGC can speak louder than traditional customer testimonials, and by reposting favorites, customers feel heard and like they're a part of the family.


    Key Takeaways

    Value authenticity and consistency Glow Recipe stays true to their aesthetic and purpose by sharing consistent messaging, themes, and visuals across their website and social channels. Their boards are a fun mix of informational content as well as inspirational content centered around specific products and bonus visuals.

    Original vs. Curated Content During the launch of their account, most of the content shared by Glow Recipe was their imagery to introduce the product and brand. Over time, they brought in UGC and aspirational content to grow beyond their early advocates. They speak to their audience and customers through compelling visuals and highlighting popular products and how to use them, as well as integrating inspirational imagery. Beyond the beauty expert Glow Recipe targets beauty experts and the curious alike. With its products available in cult retail stores in the UK, along with powerhouse beauty destinations like Sephora and Nordstrom, they've been able to tap into a variety of different markets within the beauty industry.

    Optimize content for Pinterest While building their Pinterest strategy, Glow Recipe kept the strengths of the platform in mind. They created highly Pin-worthy versions of their blog content to engage the Pinterest community looking for educational skincare content.

    Did they achieve their goals? As a recent addition to our Planoleaders Series, we've been following Glow Recipe's social journey beyond Pinterest. They've successfully reached larger audiences and built a cult-like community online – driving both blog traffic and sales. Glow Recipe has been able to carve a space for themselves in the beauty industry by remaining authentic and providing engaging educational content to their audience.

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