Brandy Pham x StoriesEdit: Family Lookbook & Brand Guide

    November 25 2020

    For Emmy

    I’m starting a tradition of collecting Maileg toys that both Emmy and Teddy can share, play, and grow with. Maileg was first introduced to me by my cousins who now have four children of their own. 

    Over the past few years, I’ve seen how their collection started and has grown with her children and it’s so darling! Maileg’s are timeless keepsakes. I see them being loved and passed down in our family for many years to come. Here are my picks to start off our collection and other items I’m adding to my list.


    For Teddy

    We eliminated screen time for Teddy a few months ago, which means we have to be intentional and creative with how we plan out his day to keep him engaged and occupied outside of his therapy schedule. 

    He’s a thinker, doesn’t sit still, loves being outside in nature, and usually needs visual and sound stimulation, or else he gets bored quickly. With all those factors in mind, here are my finds to spark his interest and imagination through books and stem toys.

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    For Him

    My husband is a thinker and an analyst, so it’s hard for him to slow down as his mind is always racing. Lately, I have been talking to him about writing down his thoughts and ideas on paper to slow down his thought process; and in turn, train his brain to use this as a tool for “slow living” or “slow thinking”. 

    For him, I plan on gifting items that encourage slowing down – starting with a collection of notebooks that will stand the test of time. I imagine our kids and grandchildren reading each of these notebooks one day and discovering how brilliant their dad/granddad really is. Also on my list are meditation tools like books and calming atmospheric items like incense.


    For Her

    Self-care has been a big topic this year. As a busy mom, I rarely have time for myself so any time I have to pamper myself or my skin is heaven! 

    My skin has been extra dry since I’ve been drinking way too much caffeine and less water. So all the hydration I can get from beauty products is always a good thing. Here are my picks this season to take care of myself.

    I hope my family lookbook and our StoriesEdit Gift Guide templates bring you some joy and inspiration this holiday season! Please be safe, give thoughtfully, and find ways to create joy with your loved ones the best way you can.

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