Brand Partnerships: The Art of the Email Pitch

    June 27 2019

    If you ask most bloggers who their dream collaboration partners or brands would be, they might pull out a long list for you with some iconic, lust-worthy brands. Each influencer has their own set list of dream brands that they aspire to work with someday. (And if you're an influencer and haven't created a dream brand list yet, I suggest that you do!!) It's the best way to push yourself towards bigger and better campaigns in the future, as well as help you stay motivated to keep going and pushing towards your aspirations and goals. Once you're ready to begin reaching out to more brands that you'd love to check off of your dream brand list, it's time to start prepping your email pitches! When it comes down to landing additional partnerships and potential paid campaigns, it all lies in the 'art of the email pitch.' Every email pitch to potential partners and brands should be uniquely tailored to them, their field, and their overall brand message. Each email pitch should include a few key elements within the text and body, and I'm listing them out for you below:

    Four Key Elements in an Email Pitch:

    • Acknowledging Who The Brand Is
    • Acknowledging What The Brand Does
    • Complimenting What You Love About The Brand
    • And most importantly...Mentioning What Your Brand Can Do To Help Them Tell Their Story
    • BONUS - Sharing Links to Posts Where You Previously Mentioned The Brand

    "When it comes to landing partnerships and paid campaigns, it all lies in the 'art of the email pitch.'"
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    Here's an example email pitch to a potential brand partner:

    "Hi xxx,

    It's so great to connect with you on here! As a longtime lover of your brand, having used your products since my sophomore year in high school, (your face wash is my absolute favorite, and I've gotten so many of my friends hooked on your skincare goodies!) - I've been one of your biggest advocates and fans for a while. I love how you integrate your love for the environment through the message that you convey within your branding on social. I'm also in love with your unique and colorful packaging. I'm always displaying your containers on the countertop in my bathroom at home, and am continually looking for ways to reuse them!

    As a fellow beauty blogger and lover of all things natural and environmentally friendly, I would be thrilled to partner with you towards driving awareness to your new product launch. (I noticed you mentioned it in your newsletter not long ago!) I've shared your products within previous blog posts on my site including: 'favorite winter beauty products,' 'skincare secret weapons,' and more. You can see the posts here, here, and here. I genuinely feel that my readers resonate strongly with your brand and that it would be a great way to create an organic and natural longterm relationship between your customers and my followers.

    I look forward to hearing from you, and chatting on ways in which we can hopefully partner together soon! I'm leaving all of my social handles for you to review below.

    Best, Adriana"

    Don't forget to tailor each email pitch to the brand that you're reaching out to, and always pinpoint the things that you love about who they are by following the 5 Key Elements above. The main goal is always to create email pitches that are organic, fun, and full of love for the brand that you're hoping to collaborate with. At the end of the day, brands are ALWAYS looking for partners that truly resonate with their brand and who they are, and that can organically speak to their products.Having a genuine love for the brand before your collaboration is the main ingredient towards a successful partnership and future relationship. It can open the door to not only one campaign, but several more to follow!

    We hope you enjoyed today's Brand Partnerships post. For more, make sure to head to the blog!


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