Brand Partnerships: How to Say No

    June 06 2019

    It's easy to get excited about brand partnerships and collaborations, especially when it means making money and getting paid! One of the hardest things you might come across as a blogger is finding the right way to say No. This means saying No to potential partnerships, No to certain collaborations, and No to specific events. (Trust me, it's hard to do but someone has to do it!) You've worked so hard to build your brand's image and goals, and you never want that to slip away the moment you begin collaborating with bigger, more established brands. There have been several times in my blogging career where I've had to say NO to things. Ultimately though, it landed me exactly where I needed to be and with the brands and partnerships that were true to my aesthetic and overall vision. Today, we're going to talk about how to say no to some brands and potential partners in order to say yes to bigger and better opportunities in the future, what to consider throughout the process, and reasons why it's okay for you to say no sometimes.

    "One of the hardest things you might come across as a blogger is finding the right way to say 'No'."
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    What to Consider Before You Say No:

    • Do you have a good reason for saying no?: i.e., - doesn't align with your brand, posting deadlines and timeline don't match with yours, too much on your plate, etc.
    • Know the outcomes for each answer: will you be happy saying no to this brand, or will you regret not having said yes? Always weigh out your options!
    • Understand what saying no to this brand will mean to your own brand:are you missing out on a potential sponsor and someone you can continuously work with in the future? Weighing out the pros and cons can help you best determine what you should choose.

    Reasons for Saying NO:

    • Staying true to your brand: if this partnership or collaboration doesn't align with your brand and overall vision.
    • Build your credentials through your blog work: saying no to some opportunities can help set more established goals for your band, and open doors to bigger partnerships in the future.
    • Open the door for the right brands or partnerships:as mentioned above, saying no can be a good thing. You can set yourself up towards attracting the right kinds of brands that match your goals and mission.
    • Create a true description of who your brand is and what you represent:a well-established brand has a better understanding of the partnerships and collaborations that they want to take on. Choosing who you work with will serve as a direct reflection of the brands you associate yourself always choose wisely and make sure it 100% aligns with your usual content.

    Always remember that at the end of the day you have to stay true to your brand and most importantly YOURSELF. This rings true with the partnerships that you choose, the brand sponsors you decide to have, and the networking opportunities you get involved in. You want every collaboration and every campaign to be a direct reflection of your brand and what it stands for. For more tips on brand partnerships, make sure to head to the blog!


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