Brand Partnerships: Creating Lasting Relationships with Brands

    August 20 2019

    When it comes to navigating brand partnerships, ensuring that you're creating meaningful relationships with the brands you work with is key. It's the key reason behind why we do what we do as influencers, and how we've been able to form brand partnerships that have a lasting effect over the years. We're going to talk about everything you need to know when it comes to nurturing relationships with brand partners and maintaining them, so they're built to last. If you talk to most seasoned bloggers about their favorite partnerships, you'd quickly find that they've been working with a lot of brands for years. As a blogger myself, I keep a list of brand clients that I've been working with over the years and revert back to it from time to time. I've been able to maintain those healthy relationships of the years by cultivating them over time and nurturing them with each new collaboration. Below, we're going to talk about five ways to nurture brand relationships and how to make them flourish.

    "Creating meaningful relationships with the brands you work with is key."
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    5 Ways To Nurture Brand Relationships

          1. Go Above and Beyond - Whenever a brand has chosen to partner with you, it's because they trust your work and know that you're a great addition to their influencer team! Always go above and beyond with the content that you're creating for them. You want them to see your genuine love for their brand. This, in turn, will open the door for additional opportunities with them in the future.
          2. Always Meet Every Deadline - Make sure that you're always mindful of the deadlines that each brand sets in place for their campaigns. Meeting every deadline will show the brand that you are serious about the partnership, and that you're dedicated to delivering the content they need and are asking for. *Planoly Pro Tip - The Planoly App can help you stick to each brand deadline by providing you with all of your scheduling needs! Plan your IG posts and stories ahead of time with our easy scheduler.
          3. Give More Than What They Ask - Each campaign requires different things, but I always like to give a little extra back to the brand. Whether it's additional images, extra shares on social, or a longer blog post... this will show them how much you value the partnership and that you're not here to just check things off the campaign list, but to grow the relationship.
          4. Send a Thank You Card or Email - I love sending thoughtful thank you cards or a thank you email after each campaign. That small little touch shows the brand that you care, and that you loved working with them and hope to work with them again soon.
          5. Share Content Beyond The Campaign - Part of building lasting relationships with brands means sharing content beyond the campaign. The brands that I've worked with for years like Jo Malone, True Botanicals, Shopbop, and BaubleBar, for example, are brands that I frequently showcase on my social channels. Whether it's within an image on my feed, or within an IG story, I always try to find ways to share their brand with my followers. My love for the brand goes beyond the collaboration, and this is something that they genuinely value when building relationships with their influencer partners.

    "Part of building lasting relationships with brands means sharing content beyond the campaign."
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    *Planoly Pro Tip - Elevate your visual content strategy game by creating beautiful imagery via StoriesEdit! This will ensure that your posts stand out, and will help your sponsored content shine. A brand partnership is something that should be fully nurtured. It takes time for a strong relationship to be built, and it can often take months, if not years for it to flourish to its highest potential. Give yourself time when building relationships with the brands that you love, and always remember that the more you work with them, the bigger the collaborations will become.

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