Boost Your Creativity with the New StoriesEdit Stickers Collection

    July 01 2020

    StoriesEdit Stickers

    Choose from a handful of newly added StoriesEdit stickers to integrate into your upcoming content, or create custom-branded templates to return to time and time again. 

    Please note: Most StoriesEdit stickers are available to users with the addition of PRO Stickers collections available to paid users only. 

    Choose from a variety of stickers: desserts. baking, succulents, fitness, pride, quotes, travel, beauty, tech, wellness, fruits, and featured artists like Sara M Lyons, Steffi Lynn, Jenny Change, and Neato Bonito.


    Here’s How to Access and Favorite Stickers:

    1. Open the StoriesEdit App

    2. Select one of your favorite StoriesEdit template collections

    3. Choose a template 

    4. Tap on the Pencil Icon on the bottom right corner of the screen

    5. Tap on the Star Icon where it says Stickers

    6. Scroll down to see all of our new stickers and access them through the Stickers Keyboard above too! Our Stickers keyboard is a great way of viewing what you have to work with when building out content. 

    7. Access all StoriesEdit Sticker Collections on the tab named Collections, to view the different sticker categories mentioned above. 

    8. You can also access all stickers under the All Stickers Tab or view your favorites under the FAVORITES TAB.


    Favoriting Stickers

    To ‘Favorite’ stickers, simply tap and hold on any sticker. This will automatically add the stickers to the Stickers FAVORITES TAB.  Remove a sticker from your FAVORITES TAB by either tapping and holding the sticker or by tapping the heart. Need a refresher on creating custom branded templates on StoriesEdit? Head here: Design Better Stories using ‘Drafts’ and ‘Favorites’ for your templates on StoriesEdit


    We hope that you’re as excited about these new updates as we are, and we absolutely can’t wait to see what you create! Telling your brand’s visual story on social media is one of the best ways to maintain an engaged and tuned-in audience, and we just know that these new features will help you do just that! 

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    Create unique content with Stickers on StoriesEdit! Get started today.

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