How to Boost Your Reach Using Gift Guides on Pinterest

    November 12 2019

    How to Boost Your Reach Using Gift Guides on Pinterest

    November 12 2019  |  Tutorials , Marketing


    Tis' the season for fuzzy sweaters, bar cart essentials, and stocking stuffers.From content creators to brand and influencers alike, Gift Guides are within most creator's bag of tricks during the season. Gift Guides are a powerful way to boost traffic to your website through Pinterest. Pinterest users are always on the lookout for the next great idea, and during the holiday season that includes gift-giving ideas as well! Leverage the power of gift guides on Pinterest to boost your reach this season. "People on Pinterest are looking for ideas to help them celebrate life moments and holidays with friends and family. Help them out by turning your product inventory into curated gift guides for everyone in their life—from mom and dad to the often-overlooked work wives and husbands." - PinterestThis guide will go through the best ways to boost your site traffic and reach during the season by incorporating thoughtful holiday gift guides into your content. There are several ways you can power your holiday Pinterest marketing strategy

    How Using Gift Guides Will Boost Your Reach:

    • Make Your Brand a Resource to Your Audience. Your audience will keep coming back again and again when they see you as a credible resource and know that they can rely on you to share current trends, and exciting releases with them.
    • Simplify Your Follower's Holiday Planning. Creating gift guides for your readers helps to simplify there holiday planning and leads them to quick and fast shopping ideas + solutions! If they love the gift guides you create this year, it makes them much more likely to come back around to view more of your content!
    • A Great Way to Monetize Your Content. You can monetize your gift guides in a myriad of different ways. Through affiliate links, website embeds, SEO best practices, ads, and more! The more strategic you are when creating and sharing your gift guides, the more click-through potential, and readership retention you'll receive!
    • Elevates Your Content (and Keeps it Evergreen). With thousands of people looking for holiday gift guides during the season, creating them gives you a foot in the door when it comes to gaining additional traffic on your website. The more you share them on social, and the more you can repurpose them for blog post breakdowns, etc... the extra life you're breathing into them. This can boost additional Saves and Pins on Pinterest.

    You've created all of these amazing gift guides! Now, how can you share them on Pinterest to reach their fullest potential?

    How to Share Gift Guides on Pinterest:

    • Create a Board Dedicated to Gift Guides. Elevate your holiday gift guide content by creating a designated board on Pinterest that your followers can easily find. This will lead them straight to what they're looking for without them having to search through your Pinterest boards.
    • Update Your Board Descriptions. Update your board description with keywords so that it will show up within more searches during the holidays. For example, you can include keywords within your description like holiday gift guides, best gift guides for the holidays, and holiday shopping.
    • Pin Gift Guide Images Onto Your Board. Repurpose the gift guides on your blog or website by sharing them again on your Pinterest account. This will help your gift guides to have a longer 'shelf life' during the season!
    • Share The Board with Your Audience on Social. Don't forget to let your audience know about your gift guides! Spread the news with them through other social platforms. Let them know through IG Stories, and Instagram in-feed posts, Facebook and more.

    Gift guides are a great way to boost your reach this season and can help you to become an even bigger key resource to your readers. Make your holiday content strategy strong this holiday by listening to and anticipating your follower's needs, understanding what they're searching for, and simplifying their holiday planning by providing thoughtful gift guides.

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