A Blogging Journey: Everything You Need To Know To Make Your Blog Succeed

    December 19 2018

    Hi everyone! Adriana here! Today we're going to chat about how you can set yourself up towards creating and maintaining a successful blog from the different platforms available to use, how to set up your domain, when it's time to create a mission statement, how to plan your content creation strategy, and figuring out your media rates. Whether you're just starting your blog, or if you've had one for a few years - there are a few bases that are always great to cover to make sure that you're correctly set up for success during your blogging journey. There are quite a few things to cover, so let's dive right in! One thing to note: Starting a blog can often feel daunting and a little overwhelming if you don't have a few basics set in place beforehand. To execute something well, you want to make sure that you have a good understanding of your goals and overall vision, as well as ways in which you plan to move forward with each execution stage. For starters, it's great to gather a full list of ideas, plans, and steps to take during your blogging journey.

    "Gather a full list of ideas, plans, and steps to take during your blogging journey."
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    Below is a quick outline to follow that incorporates 4 Simple Steps when mapping out your blog's success:

    Step One:


    Creating your blog is the first big step towards success within your blogging career! Choosing your name as well as a blogging platform are two of the most significant decisions that you'll first make when starting. There are so many platforms out there, so make sure to do your research! I landed on Wordpress for Leopard Martini, because I love the plug-in capabilities within the platform, and the easy and streamlined process in creating posts.

    1. Website Name

    • Have fun & be creative! Your blog name will be your new website's identity, so it's important to choose a name that you'll be comfortable 'doing business as' to proceed with paid collaborations. Check out this helpful post by Rachel Brenke to learn all about DBA's.

    2. Blogging Platform

    "Creating your blog is the first big step towards success within your blogging career!"
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    Step Two:


    It's time to execute and get everything set and ready to go for your new site. Once you've chosen a name for your website, you can then secure your domain. After setting that up, you're ready to begin working on your blog! Draft your mission statement, and watch the magic unfold.

    1. Secure Your Domain

    • GoDaddy is a great site for domain setup.

    2. Draft Your Mission Statement

    • Lay the foundation for your brand, and what it stands for by creating a mission statement.

    Step Three:


    Most people probably don't know just how much planning goes into maintaining a successful blog. It's a lot of hard work, plus busy days, and sleepless nights! (But Oh SO WORTH IT.) Luckily, we have some great tools to help you along the way!

    1. Create a Posting & Shoot Schedule

    2. Map out your Steps + Future Milestones with our tools below:

    Step Four:


    The last (and one of the most important steps) in maintaining a successful blog is by being strategic, and thoughtful with the brands and companies that you choose to collaborate with, and by placing your rates accordingly.

    1. Choose Desired Media Rates

    • Don't sell yourself short! Most influencers don't know the appropriate rates to include for brand campaigns and partnerships. Do a little research before deciding on your rates. Most brands have a much bigger Influencer Budget than you might think.

    2. Maintain Brand Partnerships

    3. Network Through: Meetings, Showroom Visits, Events, etc.

    • Have contacts for each of the categories above by emailing, reaching out to, and networking with brands and other influencers!

    Lastly here are a few more things to keep in mind to aid in the success of your blog! Blogging Basics to Brush Up On: Lightroom & Basic Editing through Photoshop, Basic Coding Connections You Need To Make:

    1. Affiliate Networks
    2. PR Companies
    3. Showroom Reps
    4. Photographers

    Integrate Strategic Social Media Practices:
    1. Check out some of our recent posts for best practices, and head to the blog for more!

    At the end of the day, your blog/website is what you make of it. What you want to gain from your blog is distinct to you, and differs from one person to the next. The beauty of blogging is allowing your voice and personality to shine through to your readers with your content, images, and posts. So don't forget to have fun, and to stay true to yourself! That in itself will always ensure success.


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