Black Friday and Cyber Monday Marketing and Content Ideas

    November 22 2022

    Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the rest of Cyber Week might be around the corner, but it’s not too late to get some last minute promotions to boost your end of the year sales. 

    #1 Gift Guide 

    There’s nothing like a good ol’ gift guide to get people inspired to start shopping for their loved ones. Make it unique to your brand and you can even partner with other local small businesses to get your name out there among other audiences. Check out sustainable brand, “@somethingborrowednevernew” and their gift guides. 


    #2 Instagram Stories Countdown 

    An oldie, but a goodie. Nothing like adding some excitement (or pressure) to get people in the shopping mood. Use Instagram Stories Countdown stickers when your sale starts. 


    #3 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Product Haul Video 

    Do a product haul featuring all the products that will be on sale this week. Showing off products this way is not only relevant but let’s people see your products in all their glory. Check out @remibader, the fashion haul queen for some inspiration. 


    #4 TikTok or Reels Tutorial Using Your Miracle Product 

    Sometimes the best way to get people excited about your product and your upcoming sales is to see it in action. Create a Reels or TikTok video using that ONE product. For example, if it’s a beauty product, you can create a holiday look using that one product as the star.

    #5 Solo Emails 

    Email marketing has stood the test of time for a reason. Using your weekly newsletter or sending out a solo email you can remind your customers of an upcoming sale or send them a coupon code so it feels more like an exclusive deal. 

    Hopefully, this gives you some inspiration for creating your final Cyber Week promotions. And don’t forget we have some content templates you can check out with our content subscription to help you create your graphics. 

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    Carrie Boswell

    Carrie Boswell is the Digital Marketing Content Specialist at PLANOLY. She is always finding ways to include pop culture and the Gen Z perspective into the content we create for marketers and small business owners.

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