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    February 24 2021

    Sophia Roe, Chef & Food Advocate | @sophia_roe

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    Sophia approaches food as something that helps fuel your body, mind, and community.  I love following her because she helps me understand how to celebrate the food I'm eating and finding new ways to explore – while also encouraging giving back to your community in tangible and real ways. Her joy that comes from cooking always brings a smile to my face and inspires me to try something new and appreciate what I have the resources to do.

    Sarah Siems, Brand Partnerships Coordinator

    Nia Dennis, Gymnast | @niadennis

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    This might come as a surprise to anyone who knows me well – because I participate in absolutely zero sports activities – but my recent obsession with gymnast routines was ignited by Nia Dennis’ viral routine posted by UCLA’s gymnastics Instagram account (I may have contributed to half of the 3.4MM views on this on). Nia Dennis has been a reminder that your passions still yearn for your attention – whatever they may be. Follow Nia for reminders that any time of the day is a great time to break out in dance. 

    Tareen Alam, Senior Manager, Content and Channels

    Way of Yaw, Makeup Content Creator | @way_of_yaw

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    He calls himself the King of Colour and he is not lying! His looks are always so vibrant, experimental, and he always looks so relaxed and content when doing makeup. I am an enormous fan of how he uses color in his makeup looks. I’m also a fan of those blending skills! While I love him for his talent, just seeing him share his love of makeup exemplifies the notion that fashion and beauty are tools of creativity and self-expression.

    Aurora Sanchez, SEO Specialist

    Thaddeus Coates, Illustrator, Model, Animator| @hippypotter

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    Ahhh! I love @hippypotter’s work so much and he is such a joy to follow. In one of my favorite encouraging captions he wrote “Celebrating you being your truest true! And your youest you,” which to me embodies the vibe of @hippypotter’s work. He writes on his website that he is “redefining social stereotypes through provocative and vibrant images.” His color palette is stunning. I love when one of his dance videos shows up on my feed, he inspires me to strive to be the best me and encourages people to be good to one another. Thank you Thaddeus for being you!

    Carra Sykes, Design Manager

    Bria Benjamin, Designer & Illustrator  | @briabydesign

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    I had so many mutual friends with Bria when I was in college and her work always blew me away! Since then, she’s continued to create really meaningful work through art and was recently selected by Merchaid to create an illustration for a t-shirt being sold to benefit the National Bail Fund Network. It’s really inspiring to me to see someone I admired in college go on to create such beautiful and impactful work!

    Evan Welsh, PR Coordinator

    Shelcy and Christy,  Brand Strategists & Community Builders  | @nycxclothes

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    I love interiors and finding inspiration for decor that looks stylish but lived in. Shelcy and Christy provide just that with their content and also happen to be two of the most stylish sisters I’ve ever seen! Everything from their wardrobe and furniture to their color palette choices is impeccable and draws me in as a follower. I also admire their sisterly bond and how they’ve chosen to take on their brand and community together. It makes it that much more meaningful and is something I can really connect to having a sister myself! They currently have an Airbnb list they curated, which makes me so excited to travel once we all can again. 

    Carrie Boswell, Editorial Coordinator


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