Behind the Lens: Taryn Grey

    January 27 2017

    Photographers have a gift for seeing beauty in every angle and detail. It takes a particular person to capture moments that might otherwise be invisible to someone else's eye. Taryn Grey is one of those individuals who captures beauty in a very special way, and we're honored to feature her on our blog. From a young age, Taryn was able to see people as art, and her photography proves that. Read on to learn more about Taryn's journey of finding her passion, celebrating beauty and uniqueness in her clients, and continually feeding her soul through her art.

    Hi, Taryn! Tell us about yourself and why you chose photography as your profession?

    My childhood was unique as I was able to travel the world with my mother who is an amazing artist and accomplished interior designer. Her work required her to travel abroad several times a year, and she always brought my brother and me along as she felt travel was the best education for a child. We were introduced to museums, architecture, plays, and all forms of art. I will never forget the moment in Kenya when my mother said: "Look, honey, look at the stunning colors they wear here." I'm not entirely sure why, but that was a lightbulb moment for me as I was able to see people as art. What my mother had ignited in me was the ability to see beauty in the world around me -- whether it be a painting at the Louvre, the Irish countryside, or the beautiful women of Africa in fields of bright colors. I began appreciating beauty in the world around me in a whole new way.

    "What my mother had ignited in me was the ability to see beauty in the world around me."
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    Taryn Grey Photography - PLANOLY Blog Interview 2 While growing up, I was keenly aware that I had a creative mind, but finding a way to celebrate the world's beauty with photography did not come as quickly as you may think. My mother was a brilliant painter and sketch artist, so naturally, that is what I started with. And can I just say, I was awful... I mean not good. I could not draw to save my life, and my painting was only slightly better. However, I had the vision and the creativity. In all honesty, it was very frustrating. Photography wasn't even on my radar until my very dear and beloved grandfather passed, and left me his two film cameras. I took them out into a field one day behind my horse stables, and it was there that I fell in love. Very few things in my life have been as definitive as that moment. It was there that my love for film photography began.

    Your work captures emotions beautifully and places your subject in that particular moment. How do you manage to achieve that so well and what do you love most as a photographer?

    I think we are all blessed with different abilities, and I believe that one of mine is being in tune with my environment. I have the potential to anticipate responses; however, I remain sensitive to my environment. I believe this allows me to capture honest, real life moments. What I love most about being a photographer is that in a world that bombards us with a constant stream of heartbreaking news, I have the opportunity to create beauty, and I feel deeply honored by that. Even if just for a few moments, someone enjoys a blog post or a beautiful image on their feed, it is an enormous privilege to create something lovely for someone to enjoy. I also love people. With my job, I not only get to meet interesting people almost daily, but I also get to photograph and celebrate the uniqueness and beauty in everyone.

    "I have the opportunity to create beauty & I feel deeply honored by that."
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    Taryn Grey Photography - PLANOLY Blog Interview 4

    Walk us through your process of taking photos. Do you have the same method for each client and what other photographers do you love?

    My goal is to make each client feel as comfortable as possible. Being in front of the camera is so, so hard. I would say for the first 10 minutes I'm not trying to capture the perfect shot so much as I am just having them let their guard down, trying to get them to relax. When I see my subjects start to feel more comfortable, I begin to give them direction, but nothing so concrete that things feel contrived or posed. There's so many photographers that I love! Jose Villa, Erich McVey, Ansel Adams, MK Saddler, just to name a few!

    Does Social Media play a huge role in your business and how do you utilize it to grow your business?

    Social Media is such a big part of my business. It is my way of sharing my work with the world. And although I love them all, being a photographer, Instagram is probably my favorite. The visual nature of it just appeals to all my senses! But if I am completely honest, managing Social Media can be a huge time commitment, and it can be a bit overwhelming at times. That is why I did a happy dance when I found PLANOLY. Being that Instagram appeals first to our visual sense, organizing and arranging your photos is so important. Think about some of your favorite people you follow on Instagram; chances are they have a clean, cohesive look to their feed. There is something present in their feed that you can identify as their brand. That is no mistake. It takes intention and careful planning. Before using PLANOLY, organizing my feed was a huge production. But now, I can upload photos, arrange them, and schedule posts effortlessly!

    "Before using PLANOLY, organizing my feed was a huge production. Now, I can upload photos, arrange them,
    & schedule posts effortlessly!"

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    Taryn Grey Photography - PLANOLY Blog Interview 3

    Who would your dream client be and where would you like to travel next for a shoot?

    Well, I would have to say someone who trusts my vision as an artist. I think I do my best work when I have the freedom to be creative. Lately, my work has all been local, but I have this vision of doing an editorial in Ireland. Maybe a Winter Anthropologie look with sheep and green rolling hills... Yes!

    What are you doing when you're not taking photos?

    Going on adventures with my sweet husband and son. We love to live life and have fun. Traveling, mountain biking, surfing, Pokemon Go hunting, and exploring new desserts around town. That pretty much makes up our weekends!

    What keeps you inspired?

    This is a fantastic question! It is so, so important to stay inspired as an artist! For me, it is styled shoots. It usually starts with falling in love with a particular location or gown, and then I begin creating the shoot in my mind from there. Nothing is more fueling to me than being able to execute an artistic vision. It feeds my soul!

    "Nothing is more fueling to me than being able to execute an artistic vision. It feeds my soul!"
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