Behind the Brand: Hannah Kroeker of Consider the Wldflwrs

    July 09 2018

    Meet Hannah Kroeker...the Social Media Manager for Nashville-based jewelry company, Consider the Wldflwrs. They make beautiful and elegant jewelry, as well as swoonworthy engagement rings! We sat down with Hannah to find out how she came to be at Consider the Wldflwrs and learn more about what her average day looks like. Read on for her tips on how to connect with your audience, stand out from other brands, craft a beautifully curated feed, and more!

    Hi Hannah! Tell us a little about yourself and how you landed at Consider the Wldflwrs doing social.

    Hello, hello! My name is Hannah Kroeker. I am 27, married to a real hottie, and live in Nashville, TN with our pup, Dolly and our bunny, Riggins. I play card games with my friends on my off-time and work hard towards my personal + professional goals on my on-time! I am the visuals + community coordinator as well as the social media manager at Consider the Wldflwrs! Our small team is made up of some extremely creative and talented people, so we get to wear all sorts of hats! When I first got involved with Consider the Wldflwrs, I was a flight attendant for a major American airline and was looking for a creative outlet. I started as an unpaid intern on my days off doing jewelry production. I loved everything about that dreamy jewelry company that Emily Eggebrecht first started in her bedroom. Eventually, I was looking to leave the skies in search of a more consistent lifestyle and coincidentally CTWF was hiring a full-time customer experience manager. I had such a love for this brand and believed in the vision of the company, so I knew I needed to jump on the opportunity! While manning the front desk, I started running our IG account during the slower hours...shooting, posting captions, scheduling content...all the things! I found a love and passion for creating content and community within this company and I can't begin to tell you how much of a dream it is to work with amazing people every day. Celebration has become a huge part of my daily life, and if that isn't living the dream then I don't know what is.

    "I found a love and passion for creating content and community within this company."
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    Consider the Wldflwrs has perfected the balance of creating beautiful and elegant jewelry that can be worn everyday. Where does the design inspiration come from?

    Emily's design inspiration mostly comes from nature and the simplicity of natural elements. Light, flower, mountains and the earth are all things that inspire Consider the Wldflwrs pieces. In her bridal designs, Emily is inspired by pieces that she would want to wear. She loves miigrain and tiny details that can repeat through collections to unify them.

    Everyone has their own method for working and staying productive. Can you tell us a little about how you start your week to set yourself up for success as a social media manager?

    Each day is a little different and my tasks vary, so I usually take each day as it comes. The morning is when I am most alert, most vulnerable for refreshment, and a time when I can allow myself to get in the mindset of what success looks like for me that day. I love to save at least an hour each morning for myself. I usually arrive at work with coffee in hand and my morning set-up tasks. Once I am ready to sit down at my desk, the first thing I do is write out my 'to-do' list. This is so CRUCIAL for my brain! It helps me to stay focused on my daily tasks as well as anything added on during the day. At the beginning of the week, I spend most of the day shooting products; I love to get ahead of the game and have at least two weeks of content planned out on PLANOLY! Planoly has not only allowed me to be more productive with my time, but my work has become more fruitful! My hope is that with the time I have to plan, the intention of the content will truly inspire people, create engagement within our community, and meet our online customer's needs. I also set aside 30 minutes every day to LEARN - I read EVERY PLANOLY blog post, and research changes in Facebook & Instagram. We believe in not only having excellent products, but allowing our digital community to have an excellent experience as well.


    "I love to get ahead of the game and have at least two weeks of content planned out on PLANOLY!"
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    Consider the Wldflwrs has developed a cult following, which is tough to do in such a saturated market. What's your secret sauce to stand out from other jewelry brands in the industry?

    We started as an online company before ever having a brick and mortar, so over the years, we've had the opportunity to learn our market and figure out what our customers want! Utilizing Instagram and all of its features has helped us learn more about our online community. We feel connected to people who live out of town because of tools like direct messaging, commenting, polls, & more. Spending time getting to know your community is huge. For example, when you post a poll, look and see who engages with you and engage back! Visit your followers profiles and send a few likes and words their way! They will feel so noticed, loved, and special. Who doesn't want to feel like a VIP?! Instagram is word of mouth in its truest form. Our followers will tag their friends and leave comments like "Hey, this is the account I was telling you about." or "They were so helpful in our search for wedding bands. Take a look at their rings!". There is no better marketing than word of mouth. People trust people! People don't always trust a picture or "salesy" caption.

    Your Instagram is so beautifully curated and styled! What are your top 3 tips for creating and posting content as a jewelry brand?

    Thank you! That truly means so much! As a jewelry brand, we're able to post photos that are attention getters, photos with attainable products, and stories full of celebration.

    1. Stacking rings! We're heavily bridal focused, so we like to have a little fun with that. There's a surprise element when you see 50+ diamonds in one photo. Who doesn't love a picture of sparkly diamonds? It draws attention to the photo, and showcases the rings beside each other.
    2. We want people to know that these products are attainable. Mixing pieces from our curated designer collection with pieces from our own collection features so many different options in prices, materials, and styles.
    3. We're always down for a good celebration! Featuring brides-to-be, newlyweds, or longtime CTWF customers on our Stories + grid is one of our favorite ways to display celebration. Our clients make our company what it is! We're truly inspired by all of our customers and love showcasing their stories.

    "Instagram is word of mouth in its truest form."
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    What are the most important aspects when it comes to marketing a brand and establishing a loyal following on social media?

    Knowing who you are as a company and carrying that vision over to social media is key. As social media marketers, we're vision carriers, and what a fun role it is! We do everything we can to portray the essence of our companies on social media. Get creative and carry that vision well so that your online community experiences all five senses while scrolling through your page.

    What advice do you have for social media managers who are just dipping their feet into the space?

    Don't dip your feet - dive right in and learn, learn, learn! Everything is always changing and you might not have time to dibble dabble. Set aside 30 minutes during your work hours (or more during your time off) to truly dig into the world of social media and learn how to use it as a marketing tool. Read the PLANOLY blog, watch YouTube videos, go to conferences, and take digital workshops! I didn't go to school for marketing or business, but I have the tools at my disposal. I believe I can produce top notch work, inspire people, and experience new opportunities if I keep challenging myself to learn, research, and strive for excellence in my work!

    "Knowing who you are as a company and carrying that vision over to social media is key."
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