Behind the Brand: Active in Style

    March 09 2018

    Krissy Derrick is the Marketing Manager for London-based activewear brand, Active in Style. She is passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and expressed that it's important for her to live a life "active in style". Krissy dishes out her thoughts on working with influencers and her top tips for curating content on Instagram. Read on to discover more planning and marketing tips!

    Hi Krissy! Please introduce yourself.

    I'm a Kiwi girl that is utterly obsessed with active living and everything about the lifestyle from healthy food to challenging workouts and everything else in between! After travelling around Europe for three months, I ended up in London in September 2016. When I arrived, I researched companies in the health and wellness space, activewear brands in particular. I came across Active in Style via Google and was naturally drawn to them after a good old Instagram stalk! I sent a blind email asking them to take the time to have a coffee with me, as well as attaching my resume and received a reply within days from their operations manager. She let me know that the role I was after wasn't available, but more of an intern role (which was a little below my current level, having been a Social Media Marketing Manager for a few years back in NZ). Nevertheless, I only wanted to work for this business and knew I'd be able to climb my way up, so I was willing to take the career step back! I started the following week and within two months became the Marketing Manager.

    Describe Active in Style and your brand ethos.

    Active in Style is the UK and Europe's official destination to shop the world's most coveted women's activewear. The brand is fit, fearless, feminine and of course super stylish! We are all about community and bringing people together. We aren't just a retailer, and that's why we host so many events - we just love engaging with our customers!

    "We love engaging with our customers to give them motivational content daily." Tweet this.


    Why is it important to live a life "active in style"? What are the most important factors when it comes to quality activewear clothing?

    We all know that when you look good, you feel good! So, naturally if you love your activewear, you'll want to put it on and workout (or head to brunch haha)! There are so many factors that come into play when purchasing activewear, but the most important things are comfort, style, fit, breathability, and durability. Our buyer ensures that each garment she buys ticks all the boxes!

    In your experience, is Instagram important to your brand's growth and why? How has it helped with brand awareness and cultivating your community?

    In the early days, when our Founder (Caroline) started the business, Instagram was relatively fresh, so it was an interesting time not knowing what would work as there weren't many accounts to model off. She focused on working with influencers in the health and wellness industry to put herself and her brand on the map. It worked well, and our IG following quickly started growing! We still work with these influencers today as they have become such good friends of ours and the brand. We also love engaging with our customers to give them motivational content daily, which is something we've done from day one.

    How has PLANOLY helped your team with Instagram planning?

    I'm going to be completely honest and say that some of our content is shot and posted in the moment, but for planned content, PLANOLY is a lifesaver! PLANOLY allows me to upload future posts and fit it together like a jigsaw puzzle! It's a crime to post similar images side by side; you have to think in squares and curate a feed that is cohesive and fits with your brands color palette. It's rather stressful, especially when we're posting loads of different imagery that isn't always shot by us (taken from the brands we stock, influencers and cool things we've seen). The other main thing I love about PLANOLY is that it alerts me when a scheduled post is ready to be posted! With so much going on in our office, hours go by before I realize the time (or time to post) and then my phone goes off saying - hey it's gram time - phew.

    "Planoly allows me to upload future posts and fit it together like a jigsaw puzzle!" Tweet this.

    What are your top 3 tips when it comes to planning, creating, and posting content?

    1. Always create a mood board with the type of content that you want to get on shoot days.
    2. Always keep it on brand with what you're posting - if you think it's even slightly off, don't post it. It's better not to post than to post something that doesn't work for you or your audience.
    3. Plan your weekend posts right down to a full stop in a sentence. You don't want to be out with your friends and stressing about what to post - everyone hates that girl who's glued to her phone. Thank goodness for PLANOLY!

    How do you feel about working with influencers and reposting influencers and customer's images?

    I love working with influencers - I have made so many friends by collaborating with some of the most amazing women! We usually do all of our photoshoots with influencers as it gives everyone involved content to post. Reposting UGC (User Generated Content) works well for us, and our audience loves seeing customers on our feed. We encourage them to post with the #StyleCrew.

    What advice do you have for influencers or customers when it comes to getting regrams and mentions from @activeinstyle?

    We love a good white background! It keeps our feed looking fresh, so that's a good place to start if you need advice on where to get that snap that we can regram easily. Usually, pre-workout snaps work best too (for obvious reasons :P).


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