Behind the Blog: Rosana of Yoga of Cooking

    April 28 2019

    Rosana is the baker, photographer, and stylist behind her cooking blog, Yoga of Cooking. Her blog and Instagram are filled with decadent and delicious recipes for desserts and more - they almost look too good to eat! She's been doing photography for over 10 years, and it definitely shows through her work. Read on to see how she built her blog, learn about her favorite recipe, and discover how she curates beautiful content.

    Hi Rosana! Give us a brief history of yourself. How did you get into cooking?

    Hi! I'm a photographer & food stylist based in Los Angeles and the heart behind Yoga of Cooking; a baking blog filled with elevated desserts, inspiring images & how-to's. I started baking since I was young, whipping up easy desserts for family & friends.

    We love the name of your Instagram & blog - Yoga of Cooking. How does that name translate into your cooking + food style?

    Yoga of Cooking started as a creative outlet where I could zen out and forget about daily worries. It sort of became my meditation practice! And just like yoga, to me cooking is about calming the mind and reconnecting to the present moment.

    When did you first discover a love for photography & what is something you wish you'd known when you first started?

    I've always been fascinated with art and photography. When I was in college studying Psychology, I decided to take a random photography workshop and couldn't believe how much I loved it. I ended up graduating and moving to Spain to study, and 10 years later, here we are!

    Your recipes all look SO amazing & delicious. How do you find inspiration for new recipes and why did you decide to focus mainly on desserts?

    Thank you! I find inspiration in other cultures & traditions. Having grown up in Venezuela to a Spanish family, there were always new things to try! I also traveled a lot growing up and I think it made an impact as to what I find interesting and exciting. My blog actually started as a health blog, but I quickly realized that it didn't light me up! Although I live a healthy lifestyle, there's something about desserts that just makes me (and others!) happy.

    What is your favorite recipe you've ever made and what made it so incredible?

    My favorite recipe ever is my Tres Leches. There's a lot of history behind it. The base of the cake was my grandma's recipe, she used to make the best sponge cake. When I started blogging I turned to my mom for ideas (she's a really good cook) and she knows my grandma's recipes by heart. She had turned it into the most delicious Tres Leches ever, and I added my own take on it my creating a cute meringue pattern on top! Every time I make it, it feels like 3 generations coming together.

    Your content on Instagram is impeccable - we are constantly swooning & drooling over it. What are your top 3 tips when it comes to creating, curating, & posting content on Instagram?

    I try to plan my content a month in advance by creating a content calendar filled with ideas and inspiration. Whether I'm taking photos for my blog or for a client, I make sure to use different perspectives, and stick to the same editing style and tones. My goal is to have a balanced and symmetrical feed.

    Behind the Blog: Rosana of Yoga of Cooking
    Behind the Blog: Rosana of Yoga of Cooking

    "Planoly is super helpful for me when it comes to visualizing how my photos work together."
    Tweet this.

    How has PLANOLY helped in your planning strategies and what are your favorite features to utilize when planning out content?

    PLANOLY is super helpful for me when it comes to visualizing how my photos work together. It's great to be able to move photos around, see what works and what doesn't, and how the feed flows. I love that I can craft and save my captions, so I have everything ready for when it's time to post, no last minute decisions! It's also super helpful for my clients to be able to see their feed a month in advance, what photos are performing better and how the account is growing.

    What advice do you have for aspiring food bloggers?

    Tackle one thing at a time! Whether it's improving your photography, or leaning SEO, I find it helpful to focus on a topic and get really good at it. Then, I tackle the next! Food blogging takes hard work, but if you're passionate about it, don't let anything stop you. Find your style and do you.


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