Behind the Blog: By Lisa Linh

    March 31 2017

    Ever wonder about the girl who just does it all? Lisa of By Lisa Linh happens to be one of those girls! She is not only a lifestyle blogger, but is also a photographer, content creator, and a freelance social media consultant. Besides her incredible style and business-savvy mentality, Lisa is truly unique as she shines through her writing, just read her blog, and you'll see for yourself. We recently picked Lisa's brain about how she turned what she loves into a dream career. Read on to find out just how.

    Behind the Blog: By Lisa Linh - PLANOLY Interview 4
    Behind the Blog: By Lisa Linh - PLANOLY Interview 5

    Hi, Lisa Linh! Please introduce yourself!

    Hi, I'm Lisa Linh, an LA-based fashion, lifestyle, and travel blogger. I have a background in PR and journalism and have worked various positions in the corporate industry for over ten years before becoming a full-time blogger. My career highlight was when I quit my corporate job last April and decided to blog full-time. I didn't have a safety net or a backup plan nor did I have savings to fall back on; however it was that pivotal moment that I realized I could do anything I set my mind to.

    We love the moody tones and color palette of your Instagram. How do you decide on what to create and post?

    When it comes to deciding what to create and to post on my Instagram, I rely heavily on PLANOLY--from scheduling to making sure the tone of my feed is consistent. Creating the blog posts is easy as I have a great creative team that truly understands my vision and assists with translating my ideas into reality.

    "When it comes to deciding what to create & post on Instagram, I rely heavily on PLANOLY– from scheduling to making sure the tone of my feed is consistent. "
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    Behind the Blog: By Lisa Linh - PLANOLY Interview 3

    What is the most challenging part of being a writer and content creator and how do you overcome those difficulties?

    The most difficult part of being a writer, for me, is writer's block and vulnerability. I believe that being vulnerable is necessary when it comes to engaging and connecting with your audience. You want them to know that you understand what they are going through because you have gone through it too. Writer's block is inevitable. You get tired, and you can feel lackluster from time to time, so a good trip away from home or a few days of social detox is necessary to re-inspire yourself. This is also the same as being a content creator, sometimes you get a creative block, in which you can't think of what to do next. I always take a mini vacation to get fresh air so I can think and figure out what I want to do next when I feel uninspired.

    "Writer's block is inevitable. A good trip away from home or a few days of social detox is necessary to re-inspire yourself."
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    You're also a freelance Social Media consultant and photographer. How have your skills help grow your blog and business?

    I have been a photographer for a little over four years, and that was before my blog. I've always had a passion for photography, but after the first few years, I switched modes and preferred being in front of the camera instead. However, having this skill certainly helps me when I do shoots as I understand and can see what my photographers shoot. It also cuts down on shooting time, so I can shoot 6-7 looks in less than an hour and a half because my photographer and I are on the same page. As far as Social Media consulting, I pursued this a year after my blog was launched and while it isn't my primary focus, it allows me to create for others and assist businesses to grow. In the long run, I'd like to be able to invest in small businesses and help others develop their vision and dreams.
    Behind the Blog: By Lisa Linh - PLANOLY Interview 2

    How do you stay organized and on top of your workflow?

    I'm an organization freak to an extent! I have to go through several planners a year, I have notebooks, use apps to help me keep track of tasks and I have to always zero out my emails by the end of the day. I use PLANOLY to handle my personal Instagram account alongside my social media clients. It helps me save tons of time by scheduling posts a few days ahead. I started using a bullet journal this year to keep track of my ideas/thoughts, calendar of events, goals, etc. I love it! I have no problem when it comes to organization, but I'm still working on time management, trying different routines and figuring out what works best.

    What are your top tips for keeping your blog interesting, followers engaged and your Instagram consistent?

    To keep my blog interesting and my followers engaged, I consistently reinvent myself by trying out new things and ideas. I believe Madonna reinvented herself 14 times and that's how she stays relevant. As for me, I always have new poses, tricks, or editing techniques I want to try out. My photographers contribute as well by giving me their point of view. I have several different categories that I love and that I'm still trying to bring onto the blog, as well as figuring out what I don't care for anymore. I do a monthly analysis on my blog and my Instagram to see what's doing well and what's not. I have a huge bucket list, and with everything I do, I try to document it and share it so that it entices and encourages people to be just as determined to do what they love while they can.

    "To keep my blog interesting
    & my followers engaged, I consistently reinvent myself by trying new ideas."

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