Behind the Blog: J'adore Lexie Couture

    December 28 2017

    Step into the world of pink with Lexie of J'adore Lexie Couture! She's created her brand based on all of the things she loves - feminine clothing, decor, the color pink, and more. Her Instagram and blog are so whimsical and lovely, scrolling through will leave you feeling inspired by her swoon-worthy content! Read on to find out how she started J'adore Lexie Couture, decided on her brand style, top tips for shooting consistent imagery, and more!

    Hi, Lexie! Tell us about yourself and your story. How did your blog, J'adore Lexie Couture, come to be?

    Hello, PLANOLY! I originally started up JLC when I created a little Etsy shop dedicated to making couture-like hairpieces for women. I have always adored the feminine style and had the desire to share that passion. I had eventually decided that I would transform JLC into more of a personal blog and brand for myself. I wanted to create a space where I could channel the love I had for the feminine style. I am all about sending the message that women don't always have to be too revealing to feel confident and good about themselves. I have always featured a lot of dresses and styles that most would consider too formal or dressy to wear on a casual basis. But I firmly believe that life's too short to wait and wear a dress that makes your heart sing! I'm all for owning one's style and embracing it to the fullest. JLC is an escape for me, and it's a place that I, for the most part, can make it whatever I want it to be. It truly is magical for me, and I love it!

    "From the very beginning, I branded myself based off of the things that I love."
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    Describe your blog and Instagram aesthetic for our readers. How did you hone in on your style?

    From the very beginning, I branded myself based off of the things that I love. The color pink, feminine clothing and decor, and a desire to share positive imagery and messaging. Knowing exactly what I wanted to share helped me develop an aesthetic that would showcase what my brand and myself is about.

    Your blog focuses on beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and decor - what's your favorite topic to write about and how do you gain inspiration for new topics?

    My favorite topic to write about is lifestyle. Don't get me wrong, I love fashion and beauty, but I feel that on a daily basis it's hard to be authentically enthusiastic about that. On the other hand, life is happening every single day, whether it's good or bad and I like to share my experiences along with how I'm trying to positively learn from them. For lifestyle posts, I gain inspiration from my daily life, whether it's related to exactly what's going on or things that I desire to make happen. For fashion, I gain inspiration from pieces that move me in some way, that makes me feel as though I absolutely have to share it! And for beauty, when it comes to my blog, it's like sharing new products with my best friend! You just have to let your girlfriends know when you've found something really good that works for you, you know?
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    Your IG is so PINK and feminine. How do you maintain consistency with your content? What are your top tips when it comes to Instagram and shooting content?

    When it comes to consistency, using PLANOLY is essential for my feed to look cohesive. I typically plan out what I will post days to a week ahead of time. Since pink is my signature color, I always make sure that I'm incorporating it in some way into my photos when shooting. Whether that is with roses, a piece of clothing or something simple, I try to make sure it's always there. I also follow a pattern of the kind of posts I share. For example, every other photo features me, and every other photo features something I love that isn't me. When it comes to giving tips for the way I photograph, I would say planning is key! Visualize exactly the shot you want to capture, spend a lot of time setting it up just right and allow yourself to also have enough time to get the shot that's going to make you LOVE IT!

    "When it comes to consistency, using PLANOLY is essential for my feed to look cohesive."
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    When you love the photos and work you create, it feels even better to share it with the world. I used to try and capture as many images as I could all in one setting, but lately, I'm taking a different approach. Now, I try to get one really good shot each day. When I would try and capture a bunch of different looks all at once, I felt very rushed and ended up not liking most of them. For me, taking photos is more about creating something special. I want to create photos that make people feel something, and I'm not always successful with this, but that's always my goal! When it comes to posting on Instagram, make sure you're posting something that you 100% stand by and don't let the feeling of "needing to post something" get in the way of putting your brand's best foot forward.

    What do you hope that your readers take away from your blog?

    Ever since I started my blog, I've constantly been evolving and finding more of myself. With that, what I've desired for my readers to take away from my blog has changed. I've always wanted to help people and inspire them in some way to take actions in their life that would make them happier, and that's still what drives the content that I make. I want my readers to leave my posts feeling inspired to do something beautiful and take action in their in their life to bring them overall happiness. Whether that's getting out and doing something they've always wanted to do or even wearing something they love but have been too afraid to wear.

    "I want my readers to leave my posts feeling inspired to do something beautiful."
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    Quickfire Q's

    The first thing I do when I wake up is

    ...make coffee!

    I love being feminine because this point in my life I have been able to fully embrace that side of myself and it feels like the truest form of myself.

    My day is instantly brightened when

    ...I put on good music and light candles.

    Something people don't know about me is

    ...I am a stay at home mother with a little one attached to my hip.

    When I was younger, I wanted to be a designer.

    I feel the most beautiful when

    ...I feel at peace inside myself.


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