Behind the Artwork: Steffi Lynn of @haveanicedayy_

    February 10 2019

    Behind the Artwork: Steffi Lynn of @haveanicedayy_

    February 10 2019  |  Interviews


    Steffi Lynn is a talented freelance illustrator, content creator, and lettering artist. She has carved her own space on Instagram by creating and sharing her quirky and colorful artwork. We love her uplifting art, and the way she spreads joy through her illustrations! Read on to learn what inspires her, how she uses Instagram to expand her reach, advice for aspiring creators, and more.

    Hi Steffi! Tell us about yourself and your background. What inspires you?

    Hi! I am from Austin, Texas living in Brooklyn, New York! I am mostly a letterer and illustrator, and I also own a small business called Have a Nice Day!

    "I just wanted to create work that made me smile and made others smile too."
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    Your art is so fun & whimsical. How did you come up with your positive vibe and style?

    I think I just wanted to create work that made me smile and made others smile too. Life can be really stressful at times, and I wanted my work to be a little reminder that they can get through the hard times and provide motivation and encouragement!

    What are your tips for creating and curating content as an artist & creative on Instagram?

    I think it's essential to engage with your followers and people who come across your page! At the end of the day, these are the people who are supporting and rooting for you. Be there for them like they are for you! Answer their questions, say thank you, and encourage them if they need a little push! I think that is my number one tip!

    "It's essential to engage with your followers and people who come across your page!"
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    With the digital space becoming more crowded, it takes a lot to stand out. What are some unique ways you've utilized the digital space to grow & reach more fans?

    I've started using the poll and questions option on Instagram stories to see what people are looking for and to find inspiration. I think it's important to give people what they want and push myself to do work that isn't always 100% for me. It helps me to find new inspiration and motivation by stepping out of my comfort zone and creating work that I would typically be challenging for me.

    How do you stay on top of your Instagram content when it comes to digital planning and posting?

    I should probably plan to post more than I do...I kind of just post when I feel like it and post what I am feeling at the time. I think it's more authentic that way. I do understand the strategy of planning out posts but that's just not me, and that's okay!

    What are some ways that you bring your art to life & connect outside of IG?

    I work a lot of events- public and private. When I am at a public event, I love to encourage people to come check out what I am doing and see me in person! I love meeting new people and answering any questions people have. I am so grateful that I get to do what I do every day and would love to share that with people who are looking to freelance and be their own boss.

    What advice do you have for aspiring illustrators, artists, and creators looking to make it a career?

    1. PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE! GO FOR IT! BE HUNGRY! I think people are terrified not to be accepted and validated that they don't put themselves out there. And I understand that! It is scary, and you never know what is going to happen. BUT then again, you NEVER know what is going to happen.

    2. If you want to sell your work but you're worried no one will buy it. No one WILL if it is not available for the world to see. So, put yourself out there!

    3. If you want to freelance and be your own boss, you have to start and take that leap. The only way for you to find out what you are capable of is by going for it!

    4. Lastly, be hungry for work. It won't magically fall into your lap. Search for it, email people, network! You have to go get what you want. I've gotten a million 'No's,' and I never gave up. So don't give up and stay hungry for the work!

    "The only way for you to find out what you are capable of is by going for it!"
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