Behind the Blog: Lauren Kay Sims

    October 12 2016

    Bloggers have had their fair share of positive and negative reviews, but one thing is for sure... they're here to stay whether you're a fan or not. We live in a digital world where content is king and we've met many talented and amazing content creators throughout the years! We've even added the term "blogger friends" to our vocabulary, which leads us to our newest interview series -- Behind the Blog. In this series, we sit down to chat with rising influencers to learn about their story, style, and of course... their life as a blogger. Meet Lauren Kay Sims, a fashion and lifestyle blogger from Dallas, Texas. Lauren has garnered over 110K Instagram followers within two years of launching her personal blog. Read on to discover Lauren's story, style and blogging advice!

    Behind the Blog

    Lauren: I started blogging in August 2014. I was working full time in the fashion industry, but at a very corporate job. I enjoyed the industry but didn't love the idea of being chained to a desk and was using very little creativity in my work. Some people love the structure of a corporate job, but it just wasn't for me. I had a desire to do more of my own thing with more autonomy. Combining that desire with my love for fashion, writing, and photography... and also a passion to just help and connect with women in a very real-life way... blogging was the perfect option that encompassed all of those desires.

    "I enjoyed the [fashion] industry but didn't love the idea of being chained to a desk & was using very little creativity in my work."
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    My blog is primarily based on fashion. I love the idea of making shopping/putting outfits together easy and fun for girls. On a larger scale, I love the idea of helping every girl feel her absolute best whether that's via fashion/shopping tips, sharing favorite beauty products, fitness advice, or inspirational quotes/books. It's really a lifestyle blog for anyone looking for ideas or inspiration in the fashion, health, fitness, or travel realms! I started traveling for the blog about a year ago and it's been one of my favorite things I've gotten to do with the blog. I feel so inspired and refreshed when I travel and it gives me such fresh and new ideas, both for the blog and for life. Two places that are next on my travel list are Bora Bora, and Banf!

    Lauren on Style

    Lauren: I think my personal style is feminine with a hint of boho, yet classic. I follow trends but not in a super over the top way, so the pieces in my wardrobe last more than a season! I love soft/neutral colors and anything with an easy bohemian vibe. I'm currently obsessed with really great basics. My daily uniform right now is my favorite pair of AG jeans, my go-to Free People t-shirt, a pair of suede booties and an oversized cardigan. It's comfortable, yet flattering and easy to wear no matter what I'm doing. Oh, and definitely paired with my current favorite leather handbag! My favorite brands are hands down Madewell and Free People. For fitness apparel, I will always have a weakness for Nike! I've always thought it would be so cool to collaborate with Nike on a campaign like a hiking/active adventure where I would wear their shoes and apparel throughout the entire trip!

    Lauren on Social Media

    Lauren: I don't necessarily consider social media as an outlet to promote my blog... I consider it to be a HUGE part of my blog - just a different platform if that makes sense. I mean, when I publish a blog post I will definitely promote/announce that post on all of my social channels. But social media is more personal and tells more of a story of my everyday life - more so than the blog does! It makes me feel really connected and engaged with my followers!

    "Social media is more personal
    & tells more of a story of my everyday life
    – more so than the blog does!"

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    Behind the Blog - Lauren Kay Sims - PLANOLY Blog Interview 2

    Lauren on Blogging Advice

    Lauren: Stay true to who you are. It sounds so cliché, but there are millions of tips out there to help with SEO or help with Instagram engagement... the most important thing is that you don't force yourself to fit into some mold to try and "make it". Be yourself and create content around what YOU are passionate about, and things that really inspire you!

    "Be yourself & create content around what YOU are passionate about!"
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