Beauty and Brains: Anna Petrosian of Dose of Colors

    May 19 2017

    Most recognizable for her matte lip colors and beautiful eyes on Instagram, Anna Petrosian of Dose of Colors, created a makeup line, a brand and a strong following that has people buzzing, even Queen Bey herself. Read on to find out how it all started and what her tips are when it comes to beauty and makeup.

    Please introduce yourself! What inspired your makeup line?

    Hi! My name is Anna Petrosian, and I'm the founder and creator of the makeup brand Dose of Colors. My passion for beauty since the age of 13 led me to become a freelance makeup artist for over ten years, which later led me to create my very own brand! Inspired by color, comfort, and versatility, I created Dose of Colors, which launched in May 2013. Dose of Colors offers a wide variety of highly pigmented makeup colors and formulas for lips, eyes, and face. We are best known for our vegan and cruelty-free lip products, including our best-selling matte liquid lipsticks. We have tons of new products coming out this year so stay tuned!
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    What does cruelty-free makeup mean and why is it important to you?

    Dose of Colors is a cruelty-free makeup brand, which means that we do not conduct, commission, or pay for any tests on animals for ingredients, formulations or finished products and we pledge not to do so in the future. (We are Leaping Bunny certified.) Personally, being a cruelty-free makeup brand is important because I believe all animals should have the right to live a happy and healthy life, free of any suffering.

    Have you always loved makeup? When did you learn how to use it, really grow a love for it and realized this was what you wanted to pursue as a career?

    Ever since I was 13, I was passionate about makeup and always wanted to play around with colors. My parents thought I was too young to wear makeup so I wasn't allowed to wear it. As I got older, I started wearing makeup and I loved how good it made me feel! After college, I enrolled and completed the beauty course at MUD Makeup Designory in Burbank, CA. I landed my first beauty job at Sephora and then later worked at MAC cosmetics. Working at MAC allowed me to build my confidence because I got to work on so many different skin types/tones...and I learned what works best for each person. A few years later, I became a freelance makeup artist and booked clients at beauty salons. I also started gaining attention for my eye looks on Instagram around this time. I vividly remember going into Naimie's one day to stock up on lashes and brush cleaner and one of the workers told me that customers had come into the store wanting to purchase the products that I use on my Instagram eye looks. That was my "AHA" moment when I realized now is the time to start my own cosmetic line!

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    What was the most challenging aspect when you first started your company and what have you learned from it? What has been your proudest moment?

    When I first started my company, it was difficult for me to understand how long the creation process takes from the moment you have a new product idea to having the finished product. That time frame can be long and frustrating, especially if production ends up taking longer than expected. With that being said, patience has been my biggest lesson. When opening a new business, patience is key because there will be delays and disappointments, but you can't let that affect your focus. My proudest moment was definitely when my IDOL, Queen Beyoncé, wore my two liquid matte lipsticks during her Grammy 2017 performance. Overall, following my dream and it bringing it to life as well as continuing to expand and create tons of awesome new products have been my proud moments.
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    Your social media presence is phenomenal. What are your top three tips for building and maintaining your social media presence (Instagram in particular)?

    1. Consistency is key! - Posting often as well as sticking to a particular edit or filter on your content.
    2. Cohesive feed - Choose a theme! (For example: colors, people, places, things...) Choosing a theme will allow you to curate a feed that is both balanced and visually appealing.
    3. Be selective with your content - Be picky! There is no such thing as taking too many photos! Sometimes I upload 10-20 photos from a particular shoot into my PLANOLY app, but only end up using 1 or 2 of them. The PLANOLY app makes it easy for me to decide which images to keep and which to delete. Also, try to plan your content at least a week in advance. This will allow you to arrange your content in the most powerful way thus creating maximum engagement with your audience.

    Walk us through your normal makeup routine. What is the one makeup product that you can't live without? What are your favorite products from your line?

    My normal makeup routine is quick & simple: foundation, concealer, highlighter and a little bit of bronzer and blush! A quick tip to make you look more awake is to dust blush on your eyelids, it adds a little pop of color and brightens your eyes! My must-have product that I cannot live without has to be Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. This is my holy grail product! I've been using it for over ten years! This foundation never separates and has the best coverage! I love my entire line, but some of my favorite Dose of Colors products include: "Bare with me" liquid matte lipstick, "Poise" creamy lipstick, "Undressed" lip gloss, "Gold is the new black" supreme glow highlighter, "Shell" Eyedeal Duo, the Tapered Blush brush and Shader brush.

    What are your top three or golden rules you follow when it comes to makeup?

    1. Always moisturize or prep your skin before applying makeup.
    2. Exfoliate your lips before using any matte liquid lipstick. This will allow for a longer wear and will avoid it looking flaky.
    3. For smokey eye looks, do your eyes first and then move onto your foundation, concealer, powder, etc... (Doing your eyes first will allow you to clean up any eyeshadow fall out underneath the eyes before moving on to the rest of your face!) Lastly, blend, blend, blend!
    4. Always remove your makeup before going to bed no matter how tired you are!

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