App Update: Discover User Generated Content on iOS Devices

    July 06 2016

    App update alert ⚡️ We're so excited to announce our latest and exciting iOS App update: version 2.1. (Make sure you update in the Apple APP Store!) In our latest app update, you can discover user generated content right on your iOS devices... Yes! We've made Instagram content planning and regramming easier so you can plan on the go!


    Creating content is the hardest hurdle for a brand and business, especially if you're shorthanded. What better way to promote and encourage your consumers to wear, share and spread your brand to their friends and family than by reposting their content. Discover (user generated content) on PLANOLY streamlines the process for brands and businesses to easily share content from your consumers, community and audience.


    Are you a social media manager, brand or business who constantly share your customer's images? Do you have a million screenshots saved on your phone and constantly have to crop those images to regram? Do you go back and forth finding the source of your regram and forgetting where they came from?!! Ugh... we feel you. Now you don't have to do any of that! We've streamlined the entire regramming, reposting, or as we'd like to call it #rePLANOLY process because we know exactly what you're going through! Here's what you need to know about our new app update...


    1. TAP the upload icon
    2. TAP discover, and user generated content will appear
    3. Search content by users or hashtags on the search bar
    4. HOLD DOWN to each content to preview
    5. TAP add + caption icon (on the right side next to #'s) to include or exclude original user's captions
    6. Original username will always be saved regardless if you choose to include their original captions or not
    7. To add to your Grid, just TAP on one or multiple content to select (pink border appears when selected)
    8. TAP the ADD button at the top right corner
    9. Then TAP upload
    10. Your discovered media is now added to your PLANOLY Grid. So easy, right?!Now you can drag & drop to arrange your feed and plan as usual!
    Discover user generated Instagram content on PLANOLY iOS app

    Watch our step by step tutorial video




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