Angela Fink's Love for Vintage Fashion Magazines Inspires New StoriesEdit Collection

    April 08 2020

    Fashion, as seen through the lens of photography, is often expressed in space and shade. Creative Director Angela Fink taps into the nuance of shade by using space as a calming contrast.Whether modeling the latest designer musings from Chanel, being snapped by Vogue Magazine during Paris Fashion Week, or creating magic for any number of her clients from the creative agency she helms with her husband, We Are Dumont, Fink's work and creative outlets span all genres. That versatility flows through her thoughtful new Angela Fink x StoriesEdit collection.Planoly-Blog-Post-Stories-Edit-Angela-Fink-x-StoriesEdit-Collection-Image-1--2

    Download the Angela Fink x StoriesEdit Collection

    Fink's templates embody the critical aesthetic balance of atmosphere and hue. A union widely expressed throughout her visual portfolio. Yet, another driving force behind Fink's collection lingers on the pages of the vintage magazines that set her adoration for fashion down a lifelong course."The inspiration behind my templates are a throwback to magazine layouts," Fink says of her new collection. "Multiple images in one image that tell a story, a feeling, and a vibe."Each of Fink's nine templates expresses a singular thought. Collectively, though, they work to tell a much larger story—one about style and the importance of intuitive expression."How I style tells a story. It's how I feel at that moment and how I showcase a look in a particular place."The visual balance of space and shade aren't the only players on the board in Fink's StoriesEdit design. Like any good visual storyteller, and as someone with an evident love for magazines, she leaves room for the words to connect to an emotion, a feeling, or a look. "I love that you can customize the copy to add thoughts, brands, and title your visuals."Fink's style is effortlessly cool. It's airy and bold, flowing loosely but with a masterful eye for tailoring. It's clear that Fink wears what she wants and only what she wants. Her clothes, although graceful and elegant, represent a place of comfort. "My style is a mix of all the things I like. It's the pieces I feel confident in."

    The spacial range of Fink's template collection is meant to allow your imagination to roam. To break free of any restrictions. There's a vast canvas to explore, open distance to travel, and a place for words to connect with style and artistic expression. (Past feature: Angela Fink's Style and Sight)

    Download the Angela Fink x StoriesEdit Collection

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