New PLANOLY Update: Analyze Web Dashboard

    January 07 2020

    New PLANOLY Update: Analyze Web Dashboard

    January 07 2020  |  Tutorials , PLANOLY , Marketing , Instagram Planner


    PLANOLY Analyze is a game-changing feature for social media managers, creators, business owners, and agencies. At PLANOLY, we want you to gain a clear picture of how your followers are engaging with your content for better planning success! The newly updated PLANOLY Analyze web dashboard provides metrics and analytics beyond what Instagram Business Insights provides.

    About PLANOLY's New Analytics Web Dashboard for Instagram

    PLANOLY Analyze a powerful analytics feature to leverage while planning content, reviewing your content's performance, and informing your future content. Our new analytics provides both high-level and drill-down into specific engagement metrics to gain insight into your audience's demographics and behavior. PLANOLY Analyze eliminates manual engagement calculations, allowing creators or brands to monitor their content's performance seamlessly.

    Note: Free PLANOLY users with personal or Business Instagram accounts will be able to view basic Instagram insights. Paid PLANOLY users with Business Instagram accounts will be able to view premium analytics beyond 12 months.

    For content creators and brands alike, it's vital to know how your followers are interacting and engaging with your content. PLANOLY Analyze gives you the power to check specific data and insights on your Instagram content and build on those learnings to better cater your content to your audience.

    With PLANOLY Analyze, you can view your overall engagement rates, replies to IG Stories, and IG Post saves, to name a few. Choose a specific timeframe from a calendar drop-down menu to view analytics and data for the desired date range OR select a week, month, or year view for a quick overview. It's that easy!

    Free PLANOLY Account Analytics

    With a Free PLANOLY account, Business accounts on Instagram will be able to view limited metrics and insights into your Instagram analytics. On the PLANOLY Analyze web dashboard, you'll notice lock icons for metrics that can't be accessed.

    PLANOLY PRO TIP: It's free to switch to a Business Instagram account. If you haven't already, switch today to start tracking your content's performance.

    Free Analytics Include:

    • Followers Data: This data shows how your audience has grown within a specific start and end date range, along with the number of new followers gained or lost.
    • Post Engagement Overview: This data will show the total number of posts within that specified date range along with the likes and comments per post that you received.
    • Content Performance Totals: Your content performance totals can help you compare likes and comments from current vs. previous date range (week/month/year).

    Paid PLANOLY Account Analytics

    A Paid account on PLANOLY – along with a Business account on Instagram – will show everything within free analytics as well as unlock the full range of premium analytics on PLANOLY Analyze Premium analytics include further insights into your audience, a greater scope of engagement rates, and additional Instagram Post and Story data.

    High-level metrics:

    • Follower growth for a specified date range
    • Overall Post and Story engagement
    • Content Performance Totals to compare current and previous period's likes, comments, impressions, reach, saved, views (video), and replies (Story)

    Premium Analytics Include:

    • Free Analytics Insights: Everything mentioned above for a free account
    • Story Engagement Overview: This will show the total number of Stories within a specified date range, along with the replies per Story and taps per Story
    • Content Performance Tools: View the performance from the previous (week/month/year) to the current (week/month/year) on your Instagram likes, comments, impressions, reach, saved, viewed (video), and replies (Story)
    • Audience Insights: What's your audience like? Dive into the following tabs.

    Location: View top cities and countries where your audience resides.

    Gender: View the percentages of female, male, and unknown that make up your audience.

    Age: Navigate between all, men, or women to view the percentages within a specific age ranges of your audience.

    Activity: View the average times your followers are the most active on Instagram and switch between a view of hours or days. What's your engagement like? View your overall Instagram engagement by navigating between post, Story, profile, and averages. Dive into the following tabs.

    Post: Navigate between all, photo, video, or carousel posts to view the engagement rate, impressions, reach, likes, comments, and saved (content). 

    Story: View engagement rate, impressions, reach, replies, taps forward, and taps back.

    Profile: View profile visits, get direction taps, website taps, call taps, txt msg taps, and email taps.

    Averages: View total averages for posts and stories based on engagement rate %, impressions, reach, likes, comments, saved, replies/Story, and taps/Story. Determine how your content is performing across the board. Navigate between a Grid and Stories view of your Instagram content.

    Grid: Choose between all, photo, video, or carousel posts and sort them by top engagement, top impressions, top reach, top likes, and top comments. Click on a specific grid post to view the engagement rate, impressions, reach, likes, comments, and saves for that post.

    Stories: View Stories performance within a specified timeframe and sort those Stories by top engagement, top impressions, top reach, top replies, top taps forward, top taps back, and top exits. Click on a specific Story to view the engagement rate, impressions, reach, replies, taps forward, taps backward, and exits. (Coming soon: metrics for link Taps through Stories.)

    NOTE: In order to have access to view your Stories analytics, you must first enable tracking by clicking on the 'enable tracking' button below the 'Stories' tab. Once you click on this button, you'll then be able to view IG Stories analytics starting on that day and moving forward.

    Pro-Tip: Click on a Post or Story to view the full details. See below!

    Export Your Data

    Another update within PLANOLY Analyze is the Export CSV tool. With the Export CSV tool, you can choose between exporting a CSV file of the following analytics: Overview, Audience, Engagement, Post Media, or Story Media. This type of file is ideal for anyone who prefers to analyze their own numbers analysis or format their own reports based on their metrics.

    A Few Things to Note:

    • Your follower data is only available from the time your account is linked to PLANOLY and going forward. (There is no historical data.)
    • If follower data isn't fetched for a particular day, you will see follower data for the next closest day. 
    • Stories data is only available from the time the account is linked to PLANOLY and going forward. (There is no historical data.)
    • Stories data does not include Live Video Stories.
    • There is no Data from New Stories created by a Re-Sharing.
    • Metrics are currently not available for any content before an Instagram account was converted into a Business account.

    Looking at the big picture by reviewing weekly or monthly Instagram metrics is the best way to create impactful content and build a lasting audience. PLANOLY Analyze gives you the proper tools to build your Instagram content strategy and elevate your brand's presence on social media.

    We hope this post helps get you started with PLANOLY Analyze! We are continuing to build out PLANOLY Analyze and are making updates as needed to ensure that it serves as the best analytics tool for your business. Stay tuned for more updates.

    PLANOLY PRO TIP: Stay up to date with your insights on PLANOLY Analyze by using our NEW Refresh Button! Our new feature makes it even easier for you to stay on top of your metrics by viewing the most recently updated, so you don't miss a beat. 

    PLANOLY simplifies social media marketing. The PLANOLY APP and WEB platform helps to plan, schedule, and track your Instagram and Pinterest performance. Sign up below.

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