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    October 21 2021

    It’s not often that you find someone (or a brand) that has the same values and aspirations as you, compliments what you have to offer, and together you feel like the complete package. I believe they call that love! Call us romantics, but we couldn’t deny that loving feeling (and brand synergy) when we teamed up with Adobe Spark. 

    With the holidays just around the corner, we know you are busy and don’t always have the time or resources like designers and social media managers behind you —that’s why PLANOLY and Adobe Spark partnered up to bring you a seamless creation workflow from beginning to end. 

    Together, we have created time-saving resources to help you navigate social marketing on Pinterest, Instagram, and beyond. 

    Step-by-Step Social Marketing Guide 

    Looking to put together a social media content strategy? Then look no further than our comprehensive marketing guides! We teamed up with Adobe Spark to share tips for planning, creating, and scheduling your content. Our guides include templates, caption starters, and timesaving tips for the following industries: Beauty & Wellness, Food & Beverage, and Real Estate. Download the Adobe Spark + PLANOLY Marketing Guides by simply clicking on the images below. 

    MarketingGuide_Wellness MarketingGuide_Food&Bev MarketingGuide_RealEstate


    Even if you’re not in either of those industries, you can benefit from creating a seamless workflow. 

    Step 1: Identify Your Audience 

    You can start identifying your target audience by asking yourself the following questions about your future customers:

    • What are their interests and how do your products or services meet them there?
    • Which social media platforms would they use most often?
    • What socioeconomic factors like occupation, education, or income affect your audiences’ spending power? 
    Step 2: Establish a Content Strategy 

    Coming up with weekly content buckets or “themes” can help simplify what you create for social. Weekly content buckets can include things like product flat lays, photos from happy customers, or memes.

    Step 3: Create in Spark

    Adobe Spark is an official Pinterest Partner (just like PLANOLY!) and has thousands of templates for you to use as your creative jumping-off point. From there you can quickly add your logo, colors, images, change the text, and more. Check out the range of Adobe Spark templates here.

    Step 4: Plan and Schedule Content 

    Visually plan your feed with PLANOLY’s Instagram Planner and take advantage of timesaving features like quick schedule and auto-post. Use Pin Planner for a faster and easier way to manage Pinterest content, all in one place - Bulk UPLOAD, pre-set schedule and analyze your results in minutes.

    Step 5: Measure Performance

    Keeping track of your content’s performance will help you identify what content is working and what isn’t with your newfound followers and customers. By eliminating manual engagement calculations, PLANOLY 'Analyze' saves you time to focus on what matters most - how you’ll apply your learnings. 

    PLANOLY Presents: Holiday Content Planning with Adobe Spark

    If you’re more of an interactive learner, you’ll want to keep reading. 

    This week PLANOLY wrapped up a free six-week series of virtual Pinterest workshops, PLANOLY Presents: Pinspirational Holidays, with a surprise workshop led by Adobe Spark's Social Media Manager, Mallory Shoemaker, and Growth Experience Design Manager, Verna Bhargava. The duo shared social media tricks, strategies, and content-design hacks that empower you to create confidently, post fearlessly and see results immediately. 

    The 500+ attendees walked away with a foundational understanding of Adobe Spark templates and how to leverage them in your content strategy, batching tips for sharing content across different platforms, workflow management, and more!

    Here are a few of our favorite social marketing tips from the workshop: 

    • Differentiate what you post on each platform. In other words, don’t mass post! Different types of content ask for different types of imagery or copy.
    • Make it move. Embrace the microform video! There’s no need to make a short movie - by just adding 15 seconds or less of movement to text, you can stop the scroll in its tracks. (Hack: Utilize animation features in Spark to easily add movement to your designs)  
    • Use Visual Trends to Your Advantage. Use the Pinterest Trends tool to inspire your content calendar based on the most searched for topics, right now. Then, relate that trend to your business or space. 

    If you missed it, we’ve got you covered. Check out the workshop recording to see the Spark team in action.  


    Tips For Using PLANOLY and Adobe Spark Together 

    We talked to Adobe Spark ambassador and PLANOLY user, Claudio about ways he streamlines his workflow to run his creative media consulting business. 

    “I start by importing my images to Adobe Spark and adding branded content like logos and fonts to create a promo graphic for my YouTube channel and more,” said Claudio, founder of I Am Claudius. “Then I head over to PLANOLY to schedule posts to all my social media platforms. I like that I can schedule days in advance, especially if there’s a campaign in the works.”


    If you’re looking to implement a similar workflow, here are Claudio’s tips:

    Adobe Spark Pro-Tip: Create a master of your graphic/promo in Spark, then use the Duplicate feature to create different versions. Finally, resize the duplicated project to other social media versions of the original. Copying a project for other platforms is a huge time saver!  

    PLANOLY Pro-Tip: I recommend using the “Best Time to Post” feature. It has helped me schedule my posts on social to target my audience when they are most active.

    Want to learn more about how to create content that converts with Adobe Spark? Learn what they had to say about our partnership here

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