Act + Acre on Staying Ahead of the Algorithm and Leaning Into What Works

    January 30 2020

    For Act + Acre, a clean hair care line that begins with the scalp, education is at the forefront. But Seodhna Murphy, the brand's head of content and community, loves that social media can strike a two-way debate and discussion on any given topic at any given moment.That said, the Instagram connoisseur fuses Act + Acre's unique Cold Processed™ technology with a minimalistic and elevated aesthetic. And to do that, she admits that maintaining a cohesive channel can be a challenge at times, but once she found what truly resonated with the brand's audience, she leaned into it. Here, Murphy shares how she coordinates the Act + Acre monthly content calendar, keeping pace with the algorithm, and aligning the haircare company with like-minded brands and influencers.

    When it comes to Instagram and Pinterest, what is most important to Act + Acre?

    We try to lean into the accounts posting about architecture, nature, music, editorial content, fashion, and current happenings and strike inspiration from there. As a brand that hones in on artistry at every facet, it is essential that we keep up with new trends in those creative fields.

    PLANOLY is about making life easier for social media users by organizing their content. How do you strategize your feed and stories?

    I generally curate the feed every Friday for the following seven days, review with the team, and plan our email and story initiatives around that. We always have a monthly content calendar drawn up at the start of the month, which we work with each week. It is important to us that our cross-channel messaging is cohesive. What we mention on the grid, is reiterated in stories, and again on email – depending on the given day. Posts are always scheduled, and stories are uploaded in real-time.


    What are your best social photography or editing tips for beauty bloggers and brands?

    I'm a firm believer that photos shot on an iPhone receive higher engagement and likes. For quick edits, VSCO, which allows users to capture photos in the app and edit them, using preset filters and editing tools, has always been my go-to. If you're not a photoshop wizard, don't worry—there are hundreds of apps that can do the hard work for you.

    What are the biggest challenges for Act + Acre's Instagram?

    Our biggest challenges are keeping up with algorithm changes, staying true to the brand identity and aesthetic despite sporadic drops in engagement, and balancing content that will deliver higher engagement with content that feels aligned to the brand. To stay ahead of the curve, I'm constantly analyzing and comparing what resonates, what doesn't and pivoting our weekly/monthly strategy accordingly. It's important to be agile.


    What is your average engagement and how did you initially grow on Instagram?

    Our average engagement is 4.9 percent. We initially grew through brand and influencer partnerships, as well as through event hosting and event sponsorship. We partner authentically with influencers who align with our brand like digital health and wellness entrepreneur, Melissa Wood. We also collaborate with like-minded brands to bring unique experiences to our communities. For example, we did a December event with the Nue Co., the responsibly sourced supplement company.

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