Asian-American Pacific Islander Creators We Love and Support On Social Media

    May 14 2021

    May encapsulates a host of important celebrations from Mental Health Awareness Month to Memorial Day, and one we’re most excited to honor is Asian-American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month. Without the ingenuity, creativity, and love for simplicity of a pair of Asian-American marriedpreneurs (shout out to Brandy and Andy!), PLANOLY wouldn’t exist today, and we’re honored to continue fostering a platform where diverse creators are seen, empowered, and amplified.

    In keeping that energy alive and nourished, the PLANOLY team is shining a light on a few of our favorite AAPI content creators everyone should be following on social media. Check them out and as the old saying goes, be sure to like, comment, follow, and subscribe!


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    Alice Gao, Photographer | Instagram @alicegao

    I think my longest-lasting relationship has to be my seven-year-long love affair with Alice Gao’s beautifully curated Instagram feed. People throw around the term “vibes” so often these days, it’s starting to lose its resonance, but Alice is the CEO of vibes. Scrolling through the New York City photographer’s feed is a complete transcendental, sensory experience filled with lush earth tones and textures, still life homescapes bathed in afternoon shadows, and artfully directed product shots of luxury beauty items you crave to have on a little gold tray in your bathroom. She captures everyday instances of beauty so eloquently in her photography, telling stories of travel, the delights of long lunches, and the poetic way sunlight fills the corners of a room. Can you tell I’m obsessed? I love seeing other Asian-American women buck against the typical narrative and norms that often pervade our culture, and plunge themselves headfirst into pursuing creative careers.
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    Nabela Noor, Creator | Instagram @nabela

    I first happened upon Nabela’s TikTok series #PocketsofPeace at the onset of the pandemic, and immediately felt an overwhelming sense of elation and validation hearing her silky, ASMR-y voice talk through small moments of ceremonial, indulgent self-care, and positive reflection on her day. What’s so revolutionary about Nabela’s aesthetically pleasing inspirational content lies in the subcontext most people don’t see, but many women of color know all too well. Trolls come to life in the comment section under Nabela’s posts, taking jabs at her weight, her culture, accusing her of being “fake” “too contrived” “too dark” “too white” – the list goes on. Yet, she continues to take up space, share moments of joy, inspire a revolution where self-love is inclusive and necessary. And for that reason, I have no choice but to stan. If you’re ever feeling down, I 100% recommend a quick scroll through her feed for an instant hit of serotonin.

    Asia Phua, Digital Marketing Content Editor

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    Jezz Chung, Writer & Creator | Instagram @jezzchung

    A thoughtful writer and creator, Jezz Chung breaks down complex teachings that are both digestible and empowering. Their bold use of color through design is what initially drew me to Jezz's account, but their honest content kept me as an active follower. They keep it real by talking about everything circulating the internet, their mental health and social media, and applicable ways to hold people accountable for ensuring diversity and inclusion is present in every creative space. She’s someone to follow if you truly want to learn, unlearn, and grow. 

    Carrie Boswell, Editorial Coordinator

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    Chloe Nicholle, Law Student & Creator | Instagram @lawandskincare

    Chloe is one of the sweetest humans on Instagram. She is a law student and shares education on how America's history of policing has disenfranchised marginalized communities. She also creates a forum where law students and law school hopefuls can ask questions and find inspiration. I've loved seeing all of her posts on her sustainable beauty finds, like outfits from thrift stores Elle Woods would be proud of, and sustainable skincare options. Truly love seeing everything she shares on her profile. 

    Aurora Sanchez, SEO Specialist

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    Maria Qamar, Artist | Instagram @hatecopy

    With drama, truth, and sass at the center of everything she creates, Maria is hard not to take immediate notice. For Desis (an umbrella term for South-Asians worldwide), she’s the patron saint of overdue rebellion – particularly for young women. Maria is most known for drawing punchy comics that illustrate her experience as both Canadian and South Asian. Her illustrations resonate for their sharp-witted takes on the realities first-generation Desis face growing up Brown in North America. Her artwork’s been featured in The Mindy Project, restaurants, hotels, art galleries, and publications. She’s kind of a big deal – head to her ‘gram or buy her book to understand the plight of being Desi in America.

    Tareen Alam, Senior Manager, Content and Channels 

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    Wendy, DIY Fashion Designer | Instagram @withwendy

    Wendy makes creating DIY fashion so approachable. I love love LOVE her YouTube channel, and will sometimes have it playing in the background while I work, in hopes of becoming better at making clothes through osmosis. Really though, it takes a lot of hard work and creativity, which is shown through the content and fashion Wendy creates. One of these days, I’m going to actually sew some garments, and I’ll have Wendy to thank.

    Carra Sykes, Design Manager


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