A Guide To Finding Your Content Niche

    March 20 2017

    Find your tribe and you'll thrive - the same holds true from a content perspective, and as we've seen from the rising surplus of content niches on Instagram, community-building has never been more important. From the swoon-worthy captures from fashion bloggers (#ootd anyone?) to sleek, aesthetic-first posts from self-proclaimed #minimalists, we're breaking down how to find, join or create your own niche along with a few prominent communities on Instagram that have changed the social landscape as we know it.
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    Content Toolkit

    Whether you're a content creator or building a brand, it's important to consider your values and what story (both narratively and visually) you want to tell through your posts - though we know this isn't always easy! It takes a delicate balance to establish your unique point of view while also considering what is currently resonating with the masses. As you find your voice, you'll find your "people" (and in turn be able to tap into potential followers who are likely to find your content interesting). Once you have this established, Instagram makes it easy to connect and collaborate with not only your followers but likeminded brands and businesses - at CONNECT(ED)ITORIAL we often find these sub-communities via their dedicated #hashtags. So whether you're business is B2C or B2B there are a million ways to find a niche that suits your brand's specific needs - and furthermore establish yourself as a presence in that particular community.

    Prominent Communities on Instagram

    If you're in need of examples of content niches on Instagram, there are a ton of relevant examples to point to - both on a local level and bigger scale. At CONNECT(ED)ITORIAL (and as a New York City based business) we often find ourselves engaging with fun lifestyle communities centered around foliage and plant-life - take #plantsmakepeoplehappy for example, pioneered by our friends @thesill who are a beloved city staple. We've also seen the emergence of communities (spearheaded by both individuals and brands) on a global scale around elements like certain aesthetics including #glossierpink and #candyminimal, and lifestyle favorites like #coffeeandclothes and #newyorkcity. In addition to these relevant examples, one can also find prominent communities around topics including travel, food and much more.


    Now that we've given a foundation overview of these popular niches, we hope you were able to take away the following:

    1. Despite what's trending it's important to always consider the big picture when it comes to who you engage with and what you participate in.
    2. There's something for everyone.
    3. Instagram makes finding them readily available.

    Finding your niche is an ongoing process that will evolve just as much as your personal brand or business but when you're able to connect with a person, idea or theme that resonates then consider yourself ahead of the game!


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