7 Things You Need to Know Before You Launch Your Blog

    March 03 2019

    Hi everyone! Adriana here! Today we're going to be chatting about one topic that I definitely wish I knew a little more about when I first started blogging: 7 Things You Need to Know Before You Launch Your Blog. Boy, do I remember the day that I first launched my website... I started my blog (Leopard Martini) back in 2007 (sooo long ago I know!), during a time where people didn't really know what blogs were. I was eagerly navigating the space with several other first-time bloggers, and it was both exciting, confusing, and unknown. If only I knew everything then that I know now about blogging and what steps to take when launching a website. But then again, learning new things through trial and error along the way was also half of the fun! Launching your blog is always an incredibly exciting time. Whenever you're within the beginning stages of creating your site and getting it ready to go public, there are a few things that are always great to keep in mind before hitting "publish." We're going to dive into 7 Need-to-Knows before launching your blog below:

    1. Decide on Your Blog Name: Keep in mind that you'll want to use the same name across social media: (IG, Facebook, Pinterest, & Twitter) Make sure that the name you're choosing is available on all platforms.
    2. Create a Theme: What color scheme, sidebar widgets, and little extras do you want to include on your website? It's important to think about the theme you want to create before diving in.
    3. Choose Your Niche: Are you planning to write more style and lifestyle-related posts or do you want to include travel, beauty, and fitness as well? Ask yourself what your passions are for your blog.
    4. Find the Right Platform: There are so many fantastic blogging platforms to choose from for your site. We've talked about them on the blog here and here. Make a list of pros and cons for each so that it will help you decide which one to choose!
    5. Brainstorm a List of Topics to Cover: After choosing your niche, jot down some ideas and maintain a list of topics that you want to cover throughout each month. This will also help you stay organized! (Utilize one of our many content calendars to plan out your content.)
    6. Learn Basic Coding & Photography Best Practices: It's always great to become familiar with basic coding and photography best practices for your website. I took a few classes before I launched my website so that I could get a better understanding of how to navigate the space.
    7. Watch Tutorials + Videos: YouTube was my best friend when I first started blogging. I watched so many videos that helped guide me on how to perform backend updates for my site. From coding 101 to Photography, SEO need-to-knows, and website tips + tricks... YouTube has it all!

    I hope that these seven tips help you gain a better understanding of everything that you need to know before launching your blog!

    For more best practices and tips on blogging, head to the PLANOLY Blog to read previous posts.


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