5 Sunglass Brands to Follow on Instagram

    June 27 2017

    Sunglasses are every girls' lifesaver...they protect your eyes from the sun, shield you from making eye contact with people, and hide tired eyes after a late night. We're celebrating National Sunglasses Day by highlighting some of our favorite sunglasses brands to follow on Instagram! These brands not only make the cutest sunglasses, but their IG marketing is spectacular. Go ahead and treat yourself - there's no such thing as too many sunglasses!
    5 Sunglass Brands to Follow on Instagram - PLANOLY Blog 3@lespecs - If you're looking for fresh and trendy eyewear, look no further. Le Specs are the glasses that all of the cool girls (and guys) are wearing, and we adore them! Their glasses have been worn by Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid and more. They have the classic designs that everyone loves, but they also mix in some more daring options. Why not protect your eyes while making a bold fashion statement at the same time?
    5 Sunglass Brands to Follow on Instagram - PLANOLY Blog 2@sundaysomewhere - These sunglasses are made for adventurous fashionistas. They're perfect for festivals, long road trips or just lounging by the pool. We're obsessed with their round frames and cat eye styles! Browse through their IG, and you'll see how they tell a digital story through the lenses of their fabulous frames.
    5 Sunglass Brands to Follow on Instagram - PLANOLY Blog 1@westwardleaning - This is an uber cool brand of sunglasses, handmade in Japan and San Francisco. Their designs tend to be a little more adventurous than other brands, and they're best known for their glitzy mirrored lenses. Aside from pushing boundaries in design, Taylor Swift and James Franco have been seen wearing their sunglasses, so that makes them pretty cool in our eyes.
    5 Sunglass Brands to Follow on Instagram - PLANOLY Blog 4@warbyparker - As you know, we're big fans of Warby Parker, and recently featured their Social Media Content Coordinator, Cristina Nieto, on the PLANOLY blog. Their frames and styles are always on point - they've mastered the look of classic and chic. We're obsessed with their Instagram grid, and they do a fabulous job of blending traditional and quirky styles in all of their shades. One thing's for sure, Warby Parker has the 'sexy nerd' look down to a science.
    5 Sunglass Brands to Follow on Instagram - PLANOLY Blog 5@ahlemeyewear - Ahlem makes sleek eyewear that is artsy, yet intellectual. They're designed in Venice and handmade in France... so that automatically makes them ultra cool. Their Instagram is #goals with gorgeous images and creative branding. Ahlem is the optimum brand in elegant eyewear, and we have a feeling that wearing their glasses will instantly transport you to the beaches in Venice. They're a bit more upscale, but style and beautiful design are priceless, so we're willing to pay.


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