Influencers Weigh in on Their 2021 Social Media Strategy

    January 08 2021

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    Tara Sowlaty Lehrer

    Successful chef and nutritionist Tara Sowlaty Lehrer admits there's not much structure for her when crafting content. "I pay attention to what I'm going through in my daily life," she says. "I like to genuinely share in the moment what I'm doing and what I'm up to. That entails a lot of my cooking, home stuff, my dog, and some of my lifestyle tips. Also, naturally, I'm pregnant, so I've been sharing that as well. Not really strategically, more because I'm trying to share information with other people if it's helpful."

    So what's Tara's social media resolution for 2021? "I want to continue sharing my recipes," she says. "I'm a trained chef and nutritionist, so I've always wanted to write a cookbook and that's definitely one of my plans and goals for the coming year. I'm not someone who talks to the camera, but I want to continue to share and be vulnerable. I want to be a source of inspiration. I like being helpful to people in any way and that's what I love about social media."

    Mandy Madden Kelley

    Founder and creator of Pagerie, Mandy Madden Kelley's content resembles who she is and what she believes in. "One place I draw inspiration from is the skin and the human body. Also, I love looking at modern architecture. Specifically, the Bauhaus movement, which is about stripping away what's not necessary and that definitely resonates with my work." 

    Stripping away what’s unnecessary rings true to Mandy's content resolution for 2021. "I want to let go of this idea of creating something perfect and be more spontaneous. I love art and I love creation, but sometimes I get so much inside my head. Another thing I want to focus on in 2021 is to document more of my life. I've made this transition in 2020, but I want to double down a little more in 2021 – where I share my everyday issues that I face as an entrepreneur and as a mom."

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    Katey Denno

    Professional makeup artist, non-toxic and eco-friendly product connoisseur Katey Denno takes inspiration from a wide array of places when it comes to social media. "My followers are always into learning about new clean beauty products on the market, so I'm generally on the lookout to bring them that info," she says. "Sometimes it's a follower who asks for specific help, whether it's mastering cream blush application or figuring out the best placement for her eyeliner that sparks me to make a video. Other times it's something I see in nature, like a fire-y sunset, that has me running home to replicate the color palette on my face."

    So what's Katey's social media resolution for 2021? "I plan to assign myself dedicated times during the day when I'm allowed to create content and scroll, instead of feeling like I always need to be creating content. And/or allowing scrolling to be my default downtime. I want to make sure I actually schedule this out and stick to it!"

    Tracy Nour

    Founder of She Just Knows, a curated e-commerce shop of home goods, clothing, and accessories, Tracy Scheer is constantly browsing the internet for newness. Think interesting brands, retailers, and pop culture. “In addition to Pinterest, I use Instagram as a huge source of inspiration as I’ve spent the last year or so really curating who and what I follow,” Tracy dishes. “I only follow accounts that make me feel good, and have unfollowed those that make me second guess myself or feel any sort of negativity.” This year, Tracy became very vocal about politics, something she never set out to do. “I have no intention of keeping quiet on issues that matter to me now or in the future. 

    So, naturally, Tracy’s social media resolution for 2021 aligns with her progress in the year prior. “I want to keep discussing issues that matter. Put real thought into what I’m putting out and make more of an effort to streamline content. I also want to put out things that others will be interested in and is of good quality. Whether it’s something related to social justice, tips for making their home feel more personal, beauty products that have worked for me, or just weird things I come across and want to share, I want to make people’s lives just a little bit better or easier, if I can. Creating a community that trusts me in all areas is something I strive for and will always continue to work towards.”


    Meeka Hossain

    Marketing Director for NSF Clothing, Meeka Hossain, loves a good mood board. She gathers inspiration from travel, film, and the saved feature on Instagram to visualize her ideas and craft her own version. And while that's still a mainstay in her creative process, this year, her content has evolved in multiple ways. "I used to always shoot with a photographer," she says. "This year, I switched to all iPhone. I don't add filters. What you see is what you get, which has helped me grow, and overall, it's just more relatable."

    That sentiment lends to Meeka's social media resolution for 2021. "My feed is very curated, so I want to work on being more raw in stories, so people see both sides of me. I also want to focus more on IG Reels. Reels is a way for people to see your natural self and your sense of humor, and I avoid it. I have a big Bengali following and I like going against the norm of what my culture is and showing them you can do it all yourself."

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